Specific gravity of guilt.

Cologne – Komalschek is reminiscent of the name a little Saha Götz George in his new crime of the Ruhr area, and that. Specific gravity of guilt is the title of the 90-minute thriller, the ARD shows on Saturday (November 1). Directed by the crime scene-savvy Kaspar Heidelbach (DAS Wunder von Lengede), the screenplay was written by Grimme – Award winner Sascha Arango. Georges alongside Hannelore Elsner and Manfred Zapatka play. Was filmed not in the Ruhr area, but in Cologne and surrounding areas – also if in the film, all cars have Recklinghausen plates and the bus to Dorsten. The text speaks of a Ruhr area mine settlement, where exactly the action is located, remains unclear. To the dismay of the neighbourhood, Komalschek returns to his old apartment after his release, accompanied by three police officers who let the beast out of the sight. Nevertheless, he succeeded again and again, to outwit his tails and escape. Ostensibly, Komalschek moves in a bourgeois Idyll, but opens up directly under the garden GNOME lined gardens the counterculture of the abandoned mine shaft. Komalschek digs into the mountain, and he digs in the past of its conservative neighbors. If these start to shovel themselves in their front yards, a little in the parody the film slips. It is exciting but once, and at the end there’s a resolution, which it has enter see. At the premiere during the TV Festival Cologne Conference, Götz George admitted that he had initially not seen through the twist at the end, when reading of the screenplay. Hannelore Elsner went as well: I have not understand also. I again asked: who killed who? The spectators must not so long puzzle. George: We’s made now so that any idiot knows it. . You must click this resource to discover extra about this great matter.

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Hambach forest: environmentalists hand grenades found.

At the evacuation of a fortified camp by environmental activists in the Hambach forest near the town of Düren (North Rhine-Westphalia) it would have been almost a disaster. According to information provided by mirror ONLINE officers found on Thursday in the vicinity of the barricades two intact hand grenades from the second world war. That should probably serve as booby traps, a detective said. A scorcher of the energy company RWE, which wants to cut down the forest to the lignite mining, classified both explosive devices than functional and highly dangerous. A detonation could have been so deadly in a radius of 30 meters. Police officers later in the so-called climate camp which actually deliberately placed, it was activists who defend themselves for years against grubbing-up and occupied, keep the Hambach forest the grenades discovered another grenade himself according to Staatsschützern to a new dimension of the violence in the left. The current location screen politically motivated crime of the Federal Criminal Police Department (BKA) States: it is to assume a high force orientation of the leftist scene. The threshold, to attack police officers, was very low. Attacks would partially uninhibited apparently exerted with the objective of sustainable personal injury, what could in some cases also lead to deaths. . For extended information regarding this topic check fact.

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The EU will continue its support to the Zimbabwe after 12 years of sanctions.

The Union European will resume the development assistance provided to the Zimbabwe Government, through a process of normalization of their relations started in 2013. with the lifting of most of the sanctions imposed since 2002, it announced Friday. For the first time since 2002, the EU will be able to embark on a multi-year program of EUR 234 million to support the sectors of health, agriculture, governance and support to institutions, said his diplomatic service in a press release. The EU remains committed to further improve its relations with the Zimbabwe, but it expects (of this country) that it continue its efforts to strengthen democracy, the respect for the rule of law and human rights, says. The modalities of implementation of the programme, which covers the period from 2014 to 2020, will be discussed with Harare. The EU had suspended early 2013 most of the sanctions imposed in 2002 on the Zimbabwe to protest political violence and abuses of human rights in that country. In September 2013, Brussels then lifted the embargo weighing on the Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC), the entity responsible for the marketing of diamonds. In February, she put an end to the prohibition of visa and the freezing of assets for eight persons and a business and decided to resume aid to the development on November 1. President Robert Mugabe and his wife remain however struck a freeze of their assets in Europe and a visa ban to enter the territory of the EU, which otherwise prohibited any export of arms to the Zimbabwe. Despite the sanctions, the EU and the Member States assisting civil society of the Zimbabwe reached 1.5 billion euros between 2002 and 2014, especially in the areas of health and education, according to the release. . Inspirational source could be studied reading the following blog.

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Pakistan: Asia Bibi, the Christian sentenced to death for blasphemy, loses hope.

Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi, sentenced four years ago in the death penalty under a controversial law on blasphemy for having insulted the Prophet Muhammad, loses hope to be acquitted or pardoned, has said Friday her husband after her visit in prison. Asia Bibi, a mother of five children, had been sentenced to death for blasphemy in November 2010, a year after a dispute with Muslim women in his village on the Prophet Muhammad. The feud had degenerated when these women refused to drink the water in a glass that Asia Bibi came to use, judging the impure liquid, haram, because coming from a Christian, prelude to a heated exchange on the differences between Jesus and Mohammed, a sensitive issue in Pakistan. A few days later, these women had reported the case to a local imam who had accused the young Christian of insulting the Prophet of islam, that it has always denied. Asia Bibi had founded a lot of hope in the appeal of his lawyers before the High Court of Lahore (East), but this Court confirmed in mid-October the initial verdict: death penalty for blasphemy. His lawyers now want to take the case, which aroused outrage in Western countries, but the indifference to Pakistan, to the supreme court. Asia hoped that the appeal be accepted and that it can recover the freedom, but now she loses hope, said Friday to AFP her husband Ashiq Masih, who reviewed the eve his wife for the first time since the confirmation of the death sentence by the Court of Lahore, capital of Punjab province. Ashiq Masih, 50 years, took refuge in a working-class neighborhood of Lahore, where he lives with two more young girls of the couple, Esha and Ehsam. Asia Bibi, for its part, is committed in a cell of the prison for women in Multan, city located 350 kilometers southwest of Lahore, where she prays with a small bible that she can read as being illiterate. The couple was able to talk about 30 minutes Thursday, but under the continuous supervision of the authorities, said Mr. Masih. Almost throughout the encounter, she was sad and wiped her tears, calling the supreme court and the president of Pakistan to use their powers to do justice it, told her husband. . Additional data can be found reading http://3edcae9116086a414706.com-information-classified.eu.

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Fabra eject to Castedo if it opposes clean of accused their lists.

Where Castedo don’t vote in favour, has replicated: if not act otherwise masters, it can be. Asked if supondr to its expulsi n, has qualified that this decision n have to take the Committee of rights and as garant. Isn’t that one lift by the ma ana and decides t s or t has not, is winged. Fabra has however pointed out that a directive there is to avoid the first photo edil Alicante with King Felipe VI in the official acts of the Congress national of the family business which was held Monday in Alicante since in this case send the Protocol. Not be if there photo or not. Protocol is charge and distribute to each one on your website, has is winged. Fabra said of course that you want to be the PP candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat and the respect, asked if has that Rajoy does not want to repeat, said: I don’t know. ACE, has commented that his relationship with the Rajoy n is of absolute normality. When there is a problem we talked and discussed the problems of the community and also national level and that they can affect the game as always, said. Fabra has is winged doesn’t regret or Simó much less than replacing to Francisco Camps at the head of the Government because, he said, I like to take on the challenges with responsibility and no wrinkles ndome, although it has not been f cil. I would like to be President of tape in a little of inaugurations, of equipment, but that has not been the time that I have lived, has be winged Fabra, who has assumed that on the other hand has touched him face things with responsibility in function needs n. In that sense, reviewed which certainly fears an electoral debacle if corrupci n cases are not solved since it is not one minor issue, but it affects the foundations of the parties and institutions. Why has is winged to that you have to be very strong because we are seeing c mo the people are directing their displeasure to certain options. However, is winged to the problem is not what has appeared but because it has been created. On the other hand, has is winged to that course that you like to be a candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat and the respect has ensured that not has you the President of the PP Mariano Rajoy, do not want to repeat. In that sense, acknowledged that keep your red line l has affected some compa eros and may have molested any. In any case, it is noted to be the party who appointed candidates, rather than yet to it has not done any aut noma community, he recalled. . Extended facts can be read clicking http://3edcae9116086a414706.com-information-classified.eu.

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Ligue 1: Monaco does not want to miss the opportunity to come back.

Monaco, 8th, which receives Reims, 14th, Friday in advanced of the 12th day of L1 match has the opportunity in case of victory to return temporarily to height of Lyon and Saint-Etienne on the podium. Sometimes, there are meetings which in the story of a season of a club, to hang the good car. For Monaco, whose Championship start has been catastrophic, receipt of Reims in preview of the 12th day looks like this type of games. A victory would offer an alternative to the Côte d’Azur team finally coming to play in the big leagues, at the level of Saint-Etienne and Lyon, and quietly wait for the results of the day. Monaco comes back, smiled the right Defender Fabinho. Just win important matches. To continue our progress, to refer to the first three places at the end of Championship, must still win against Reims. Since the defeat in Lyon (2-1), on 12 September, and the unwinding of a high pressing and defence strategy, then judged too bold according to many players, Monaco has found a true balance. Included champions League, Leonardo Jardim rest on five wins, three team matches drawn and one defeat (0-1, at home in the derby against Nice). -Everything is not yet good-L’ team progresses, commented soberly the Portuguese coach of the club from the rock. This is normal. The players needed to adapt. But it must do more. Jardim knows the decisive moment in the season and intends to keep his group under pressure. I don’t change system, he said. I have the balance. I love that everyone understands what is asked. If you change every week, it’s complicated. I saw the last matches of Reims. This is a good team that plays very well. It will be difficult. It will take a big game to win. According to him, ask to estimate that the elimination of the Champenois against Arles-Avignon in the League (2-3 a. p.) Cup Tuesday evening could impact data from the encounter. A single usual holder played 120 minutes, sliding Jardim. And this that lived Reims can be a positive for us, due to a possible lack of confidence, as a negative side, with a group of very motivated to achieve a result. It will stay focused, adds Fabinho. And give everything to win. Lately, it is better. There are a little more likely. And it marks more, as in Bastia, where three goals for the first time of the season has been. If Monaco gets better, is that his defensive system is more efficient. But like every coin has its setbacks, the team remains in deficit of offensive realism. Still without Berbatov, with a very uncertain Moutinho, however will have to score to win against Reims. Everyone acknowledges that it lacks effectiveness. But it creates many situations, insists Jardim. Remains always working for progress. At the beginning of the season, everything was not bad. And if I am satisfied with today’s developments, everything is not good. Program: Vendredi(20h30) Monaco – ReimsSamedi(17h00) Lorient – Paris SG(20h00) Guingamp – BastiaLille – Saint-EtienneMetz – CaenMontpellier – Evian-ThononNice – LyonDimanche(14h00) Nantes – Rennes(17h00) Bordeaux – Toulouse(21h00) Marseille – Lens. For additional on this matter visit http://3edcae9116086a414706.com-information-classified.eu.

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Prior to the Fed Cup final: Andrea Petkovic comes in the form.

Tennis: Well one week prior to the Fed Cup final Andrea Petkovic is always better in the form. The Darmstädterin defeated Australian Open finalist Dominika Cibulková from of Slovakia 7-5, 6-3 on Thursday evening at the tennis tournament of the champions in Sofia and moved with the second win in the third game as the first player in the semi-finals. Petkovic has as Cibulkova 2-1 victories and 4-2 records, but has the better point ratio in comparison to the Slovakian. The second semi finalist from the Red group is only Tsvetana Pironkova (0:2) Carla Suárez Navarro (1:1 points) and the Bulgarian this Friday after the final group match between the Spanish. The tournament of Champions is a species of the tennis women’s B – World Cup. I am very happy with my performance, Petkovic said after her success. The 27-year-old will be in the Fed Cup final on 8 and 9 November against the Czech Republic in Prague in addition to Angelique Kerber used. Last doubts about their form had come up. At the tournament in Luxembourg had the world rankings-17. a kind of Erschöpfung syndrome suffered. Basketball, NBA: A strong playing Dirk Nowitzki got the first win of the season in the North American Basketball League NBA with the Dallas Mavericks. With 21 points, the German International had large share of the 120:102 against the Utah Jazz in the second appearance in the new season on Thursday (local time). The first game had lost Dallas on Tuesday at the champion of San Antonio Spurs 100:101. The comeback of superstar LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey, however, ended with a defeat. The Cavs defeated the New York Knicks with 90:95. James was after four years with the Miami Heat and two titles after Cleveland returned home, where his NBA career had started in 2003. In his first game of the 29-year-old with 17 points could accents still not great. Sports in Austria: David Alaba by football – champions Bayern Munich is been named as in the previous year to Austria’s sportsman of the year. The 22-year-old won Marcel Hirscher, the overall World Cup and slalom – silver medal winner of the Olympic Games in Sochi on Thursday in Vienna the election conducted by the members of the Association of sports media Austria before alpine skier. Among the women, the winner by 2013 prevailed with Olympic gold medallist Anna Fenninger, the 25-year-old got gold in Sochi in the Super-G. Alaba was the only candidate who doesn’t come from winter sports among the Ten finalists in both men and women. 2013 the left-footed for the first football player had won 1997 choice since Toni Polster. In the summer of that year, he successfully defended the title in Championship and Cup with Bayern Munich. Ice hockey, DEL: With the twelfth win of the season the Adler Mannheim their standings in the German expanded League (DEL) ice hockey. The Nuremberg ice Tigers won the team by head coach Geoff Ward on Thursday evening with a 2:1 (0:1, 1-0, 1-0) and got now 36 points from 15 games. Marc El-Sayed brought the first active Franks in the 7th minute lead but Marcus kink (24) is compensated in the second third, and Jamie Tardif scored the winner for the DEL front-runner in the 59th minute. Mannheim is located in the table before the EHC Munich (31) and the Hamburg freezers (25). Basketball, Euroleague: Alba Berlin has received a lesson in the Euroleague by defending champions Maccabi Tel Aviv. The German basketball Cup winner lost to the Israeli champions with 69:84 (29:46) and must wait on the first victory after three days of play in the premier class. The frontrunner unbeaten in the Bundesliga had early problems. The Berlin remained five minutes without a point in the second quarter, were after a 0:17-20:40 run back and have been demonstrated at this stage. After the break, coach Sasa Obradovic’s team coped better with the three-time Euroleague champion, could change to the gameplay, but nothing more. Alba best shooter was Reggie Redding with 15 points, as top scorer of the game Maccabi player Brian Randle on 25 meter. Berlin is now behind the also winless Croats Cedevita Zagreb (0-2) last in Group B. Only four teams from each six-party season reach the round of the best 16 teams. In the Italian Serie A, football, Serie A: Miroslav Klose and Lazio Rome missed the fifth victory in a row. At Hellas Verona, the Romans came to a 1-1 (1-0) and prove the qualification place for the Champions League after the ninth day of the game with 16 points. Klose was substituted shortly before the end. The former Bundesliga Pro Luca Toni resembled SENAD Lulic (42nd) Lazio’s tour by penalty from (69.). Rome Luis Pedro Cavanda had seen the yellow red card (68.). Klose, scorer of victory on Sunday at the 2:1 against the FC Turin, came in the 87. Minute for Filip Djordjevic in the square, could do nothing but. Ice hockey, NHL: The German ice hockey talent Leon Draisaitl now has a three-year contract with the Edmonton Oilers in the NHL League. At the 1:4-defeat of his team on Wednesday (local time) for the Nashville Predators of the 19-year-old in his 10th game of the season was used, enabling the first year of a three-year contract. The Oilers had confirmed on Tuesday that the squad will continue to include Draisaitl. The German international scored a goal so far, and prepared two goals. The native Cologne Draisaitl in third place was selected in the draft who was talented. Against the predators came the native Cologne on 15:22 minutes usage time, but could not prevent the defeat of Oilers. The team is on the last place in the Western Conference. Football, Mario Mandzukic: Three months after his departure from Bayern Munich the Croatian attackers Mario Mandzukic has criticised his former coach PEP Guardiola because of its leadership. He has disappointed me. Guardiola was not fair to me, said the 28-year-old the newspaper Sportske Novosti: I gave you the best for the team and for Bavaria. I didn’t deserve to be treated so. Mandzukic, who joined in the summer the Spanish champions Atlético Madrid, lamented particularly the treatment by the Spaniards in the final phase of last season: it was Pinto decided to appoint me to the final of the DFB-Pokal in the squad. Also, if you look at the facts, he didn’t want that I’m top scorer. So he let me not play at the end of the Bundesliga season. Pinto behavior show that he was as disrespectful to me and how much he wanted to get rid of me, had emphasized Mandzukic, who scored 48 goals for Munich from 2012 to 2014. The World Championship participant stated: I had extrapolated on it him, if he would have come to me and said: listen to Mario, you does not fit into my vision of the game, I need an another striker. . Related information can be inspected reading http://3edcae9116086a414706.com-information-classified.eu.

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Bayonetta plays 2: this hell trip has it all.

Initially, the game heroine was still on a street in New York to do some Christmas shopping. But after a short time, she fights on a jet plane with a demon. And the associated color noise is just the beginning: Bayonetta 2 offers me barely a moment in which I can recover from what’s happening on the screen. But I want to continue anyway, wants to stay in the rush. Because nothing is changed in the second part. On the contrary: this begins even with an extended shot between his legs. And otherwise makes Bayonetta 2 next, where the predecessor – stopped allowing but not of the story can be identified. That is so confused and incomprehensible that I ignore them after a few cutscenes and prefer waiting that Bayonetta is struggling with the next putt angelic beings. That she transforms into a Black Panther or a water snake, to get ahead quickly. Bayonetta 2 is a Festival in opulent look that manages to surprise in each level. An action game that I’m always speechless and bewildered leaves. And yet I enjoy it most of the time simply that as a gaming experience like with Bayonetta 2 is possible. . For extra data regarding this subject visit home page.

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Holland wants to strengthen exchanges with a Canada regained prosperity.

For the first time a french president is going this weekend State visit to Canada, not only in la Belle Province or in Ontario, but it will go very far to the West to Alberta, in ten years become one of the economic engines of the Canada. François Mitterrand, in 1987, had pushed up the Saskatchewan. A journey that is not very ‘politically correct’ since François Holland will enter into "Oilberta", the land of oil shale and oil sands, including extraction techniques are among the most polluting in the world. Certainly, his advisers have chosen to avoid Calgary, the financial capital of this little world of hydrocarbons, for the natural park of Banff in the Rocky Mountains. But french president will nevertheless have to coax a crazy country of its oil to induce him to have a positive contribution during the next climate conference in Paris in 2015. Banff, he will meet several Premiers of the provinces and territory of Western (Alberta, Manitoba and the Northwest Territories) with whom the France would both like to further developing its economic ties. The large french groups, Total, Veolia, EDF, Lafarge, Technip, are already present but there is much more to be done, both in oil and in the environment or agriculture (livestock, genetic). "We have a strong relationship, but we want to release new tracks," explained an advisor at the Elysee. . For extended facts about this subject check website.

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Internet users plan to be less generous at Christmas.

More than 60% of french Internet users want to spend less than 200 euros for their year-end gifts and half plans to reduce their budget from 2013. To avoid paying more, they anticipate increasing their purchases, up to make during the summer sales. "People huddle very strong belt in September, but at Christmas they let go. Coue method in which engage each year – with some success – distributors, manufacturers of toys and agri-food giants could prove ineffective this year. According to a survey conducted from 22 to 26 October by the Touslesprix comparator. com, half of the Internet users report indeed that they will spend this year less for their gifts of Christmas until 2013. Conversely, 35% say that they will spend as much, and 15% only will be more generous. In the end, more than 62% of respondents do not want to spend more than 200 euros, against a quarterback who will spend between 200 and 400 euros and 15% more than 400 euros. Already last year, the study of Deloitte reference on the subject reported a slight decline in forecast budget, for the first time since 2010. 2014 should therefore confirm the trend. These results reflect a new blow to consumption of households found two months, symbol of the lack of confidence in the improvement of the economic environment. "More attentive than ever to their budget" details the study, the French discuss a new way their year-end shopping in anticipation of increasing their purchases. One in five would realize even during summer, or in June and July sales! A way of not paying full pot in December, at the time where labels tend to climb. . You should click the following http://3edcae9116086a414706.com-information-classified.eu to discover more about this interesting matter.

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