Sculpture by Ernesto Neto: sitting like a vulva.

Colorful large tears drop hanging from the ceiling, the scent of spices wafts through the room, a fluffy floor swallows loud noises, invite to use organic seat fabric and matching hug the body of its tamper. The speech is not a spa, but the first major museum show of the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto in Germany, in the ARP Museum located high above the Rhine railway station in Rolandseck in Remagen. The Brazilian is not unknown in this country, his sculptures and installations were already in several exhibitions. In addition, he represented his home country in 2001 on the Venice Biennale and was recently celebrated for his great show in Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum. Almost all Neto’s sculptures are made of elastic fabrics such as tulle, nylon or Lycra, that of artists such as sensitive skins to that spans different content. Usually, the textile body, rooms and caves are suspended from the ceiling down through ballast and develop a fine melancholy in spite of all joy. Maybe, is that to the fillings made with turmeric, cloves, ginger, black pepper and cumin, whose Geruch of grandmother and mother in the kitchen – but remember the used transparent fabric, similar to of nylon stockings, may as well steal the innocence of this Association and situate them in the realm of secret erotic fantasies. With his penchant for the textile, interactive and expressive, minimalist forms and colours, the artist born in 1964 in Rio, in the tradition of Brazilian modernism sees itself. So, Helio oiticica and Lygia Clark and Lygia Pape are his role models. With his affinity for the organic he continues but at the same time also the biomorphic shapes by Hans Arp. But the master of modernism and namesake of the ARP Museum is not the only Neto’s Companion in this exhibition. Because the artist has collaborated extensively with Indians of the Brazilian Amazon region for around a year and spends now with them – no phone, no electricity. He had learned how to live as Neto in an interview in harmony with the world, without producing waste permanently as in Western society, for example by the Huni kuin. And there are also Parallels: for the Indians, nothing is as important as friends, Neto says, and spirituality mean bad thoughts to distribute. He himself would like to free people with his art from their problems so that they come to contact, so Neto. Also the title of the exhibition is borrowed from this context: Haux-Haux says as much as at the beginning, end, harmony and comes from the song of the connection with the spirits of our nature of Huni kuin. The life of the Amazon indigenous people usually takes place within the family and village community and is embedded in their traditional rites and ceremonies with herbal medicine and ancient healing songs, at the same time they want to demonstrate their culture to the Western world and pointing out the problematic situation of increasingly endangered indigenous peoples of Brazil. The exhibition shows how skilfully Neto includes a wide variety of cultural influences in his art: Hans Arp as a protagonist of European modernity device in a direct dialogue with the Brazilian natives. One can only say Haux-Haux -. . Extended information can be read visiting

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Who is Sofia Hellqvist, controversial bride of prince Carl Philip of Sweden?

Sofia Hellqvist was born 6 December 1984 in Täby, Sweden. She grew up in a small town in the country, surrounded by his two sisters, Sara, the youngest, and Lina, older by two years. At age 18, she moved to Stockholm where she began working as a model and waitress. At the age of 20, Sofia Hellqvist was elected Miss Slitz 2004, the name of a Swedish charm magazine. She posed topless, shorty lace, a great serpent coiled on his shoulders, in a series of photos to the taste for the least dodgy.   After landing in States of undress for luxury magazines, Sofia Hellqvist is seeking a greater notoriety. She participates in 2005 in the reality show Paradise Hotel, a program that looks like the island of temptation in which she played the role of the Temptress, with conviction often bare on-screen. Thanks to his fiery temperament and its plastic bimbo, Sofia Hellqvist reached the final and manages to be public.   But the young woman is not only reviewing its attitude. It also fixes its appearance. To be accepted by the royalty of Sweden and its members – who initially see eye this tumultuous relationship – some media, such as the Daily Mail, argued that the young woman would have taken sample on Kate Middleton. She hired stylist Tina Törnqvist, the former advisor of Victoria of Sweden to barter its sulphur style for a more Royal look. Since then, it has classic and elegant outfits to the image of the Duchess of Cambridge. It is is more often compared, as in the American edition of Glamour, October 6, which presents the most beautiful outfits of the bride.   The Court of the King of Sweden formally validates this relationship by airing June 27 official shots of prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist. A press conference is held the same day to announce the engagement. In this interview with the press, Carl Philip and his beautiful appear very close, the latter calling it fantasy girl. Sofia Hellqvist was said: Carl Philip is the the most humble person that I’ve ever met. It is what has made that I immediately fell in love with him.   Sofia Hellqvist has no activity on social networks. The only way to follow his news is to visit various Facebook pages which are dedicated to him to her and her fiance. The press specializing in Royal families also relays its least facts and gestures, as on 1 October during his visit to the Swedish Parliament, described by Hello Magazine.   For the moment, no information concerning the place of the ceremony and the identity of the guests has filtered into the media. But it is certain that many Royal personalities will be invited – Kate Middleton and prince William, perhaps?-just like the cream of high society. After the wedding, the next step for the couple will be to ensure his offspring, and even though Carl Philip is not priority, but third in the line of succession to the throne.   . Extended facts can be inspected reading fact.

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Holland, a bad president for 80% of the French.

Eight French in ten think that François Holland is not a good president of the Republic and more than six in ten that Manuel Valls is not a good Prime Minister, according to a barometer Odoxa for the Express, the regional daily press and France Inter broadcast Tuesday. The question of whether they would say that François Holland is a good president of the Republic, 80% of respondents responded No and 20% Yes, in the light of this new barometer. If an almost all (98%) of right supporters posted a negative judgment, supporters of left appeared divided (51% with a negative judgment, 49% positive). Asked also if Manuel Valls is a good Prime Minister, 61% of those surveyed responded in the negative, while 37% said yes and 2% are not pronounced. While 79% of supporters of right have expressed a negative opinion against him, this was the case of less than half of supporters of left (40%), in the light of the Odoxa investigation. One of membership for politicians provoking the most support or sympathy, Alain Juppe came out on top with a total of 44% (14% said support it, 30% feel sympathy), before Nicolas Sarkozy (35%, 14% of support), François Bayrou (35%, with 6% support), Marine Le Pen (31%, with 16% support) and Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (31%(, 8% support). Tied for last place in the standings, the UMP Xavier Bertrand and ecologist Cécile Duflot, each with 15% membership. Among the sympathizers of left, it is Martine Aubry who emerged in first place with 60% of membership, front Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Ségolène Royal, while it is Nicolas Sarkozy among right supporters (65%), Marine Le Pen and Alain Juppe. One of rejection, Marine Le Pen is classified as head (51%), Christiane Taubira, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Cécile Duflot. Alain Juppe is the politician having raised the least amount of rejection in this survey (20%), You can read this to read more on this great matter.

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Sick, Luc Oursel was forced to leave the direction of Areva.

Communiqué was sent Monday afternoon by Areva and its content beyond the usual life of the business world: Luc Oursel, president of the Board of the french group world leader in nuclear power, reveals that he must "(se) put off work for therapeutic reasons. The words are strong: ‘I have to carry now a personal fight against the disease but all my thoughts go to the teams of Areva. ‘. Luc Oursel had been appointed headed here three and a half years, in June 2011, succeeding Anne Lauvergeon. Leader informed the Government of his personal situation and met with Manuel Valls at the weekend. "It is a courageous man who has been a very professional, very committed leader on the nuclear sector," the Prime Minister said Monday. Shortly after the message from Luc Oursel, Areva issued a second statement in which Pierre Blayau, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, expressed his emotion and form wishes for a speedy recovery to Luc Oursel. The company also States that a Supervisory Board would meet next Wednesday and will ‘arrange to allow the proper functioning of the company until the holding of the next General Assembly. Manuel Valls spoke of "continuity" in Areva, suggesting that the Executive Board could ensure acting collegially, before most likely Philippe Knoche, Managing Director, not be appointed CEO. . You must visit the following to discover more about this great topic.

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Gay marriage, the prefect writes to Marino: Gates just transcripts.

The standoff continues between the Prefecture of Rome and the Capitol on transcripts of gay marriage celebrated abroad. After the verbal solicitations in recent days, the prefect Pecoraro has now put pen to paper and sent to Mayor Ignazio Marino a formal request for cancellation of the acts of 16 gay wedding signed Saturday by the first citizen. The prefect in the request has not indicated a time limit for deletion asking this anyway happen anyway as quickly as possible. If the Mayor of Rome did not comply with the formal invitation of the Prefecture, followed by the activation of the process of annulment of the transcripts. Saturday, shortly after the signing of documents at the Capitol, the prefect Giuseppe Pecoraro had informally asked the Mayor to cancel and delete the records. Today sent the written request. In case of cancellation of the transcripts, the Capitol is considering the possibility of recourse to the European Court of human rights in Strasbourg. . For additional insights about this topic visit website.

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Medicine: studio Siena, panic attacks associated with aversion to bright light.

Siena, 20 Oct. (Reuters Health)-an aversion to bright light is associated with the onset of panic attacks. A group of researchers at the University of Siena compared 24 patients with panic attacks disorder with 33 healthy individuals. Using a questionnaire on photosensitivity (Photosensitivity Assessment Questionnaire), scholars have discovered that patients subject to panic attacks showed an aversion to high or above average compared to bright light. The work was presented at the Congress of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (Ecnp), taking place in Berlin. This is the first specific investigation on the reaction given by patients suffering from panic attacks disorder, while previous studies had detected a strong seasonal component in the development of the disorder. The doctor specializing Lucia Campinoti, who led the study along with other colleagues in the school of Psychiatry at the University of Siena, directed by Andrea Fagiolini, explains: there are several clues that indicate a correlation between photophobia and panic attacks, and this study confirms this correlation. However, this is a little extended, which must be continued. For example, if we want to understand the correlation to be constant over time. If you confirm this, we can make sure to avoid trigger some causes of panic attacks. . You can click the following to learn more on this amazing matter.

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25 October: CGIL rally “In the square a million people”.

One million people to the streets to the manifestation of Saturday 25 October organised by the CGIL against the Jobs Act, the Labour Government reform Renzi. To predict it is a survey carried out by Tecné on a sample of 1000 adult workers, members and non-members to the main Italian Union, which to a large majority would give their willingness to demonstrate. The Cgildal for its part has expressed fear that the weather may not be confirmed by the facts. According to Susanna Camusso, however, the feeling is that the event is growing "and that" there is a great attention among non-subscribers ". Places booked on Friday were already over 120,000, after Lazio: it’s about people who are about to arrive via bus, ship and train: "The 25 will be a great event, beautiful, colorful with many young people, men and women. We are not resigned to the idea that to get out of the crisis serve fewer protections and rights ", has annotated the Camusso. The number one of the CGIL has not spared a venomous joke to the Government on the plan for the relaunch of the employment in the country: "800,000 jobs created by law of stability? He had already said Berlusconi: a million jobs ". According to Susanna Camusso stability law "does not change the picture with respect to unemployment and it is not our malice because if we look at the update note is the unemployment rate still at 11.2% in 2018. The Government expects the unemployment reduction intervention will not be implemented and therefore does not cause an exit from the crisis ". According to the main Italian Union leader the Executive must explain from where will come the 800,000 jobs. "Without investment, both public and private, see hard to reduce by one-third unemployment". But if the CGIL is on a war footing and is preparing to demonstrate Saturday, 25, from the Cisl relaxing signals coming from the Government. The Secretary Annamaria Furlan has said: "The 80 euro bonus announced by premier for new moms is certainly a positive note but must be placed inside a concrete policy for family and birth support in terms of better social services and welfare throughout the national territory". . Additional text can be inspected visiting

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Our strange phobia of the clown.

Very strange the clown phobia, this nice character created to entertain children. He terrorizes yet some children and adults also. It is not possible to know the exact frequency of coulrophobia, because no study has ever evaluated it. But a brief investigation autour self lets see in general that it exists, even if we talk about little. It cannot be said that the fears are pre-programmed in our DNA, and in any case not specifically because we do not have enough genes to encode the phobia of clowns, spiders, vacuum, etc. But we have a system of learning of fears, more or less sensitive depending on the individual, able to implement the reactions of automatic alarms against a potential danger signal. In coulrophobia, the signal is probably this strange face, you can’t read the intentions and that looks partly like an animal. This type of image may be a sign of danger to a child, because we know that some babies from 8 months approximately, are hyper-sensitive to the presence of a foreigner, anyone not familiar.   No. I have not ever killed someone. Finally, the third layer is common to all phobias: avoidance. Believing well do, and can be understood, in general, parents who see their children frightened by clowns are doing everything to protect them by keeping them away from circuses and images at risk. What makes that, very mechanically, the reflex of fear intensifies as nothing comes contradict him: Yes, clowns are really dangerous,. This pretty scientific reading of things does not exclude that psychoanalysts have always done: phobia would be a deeper unconscious fears displacement, related to separation, the castration complex, or even the fear of dying. But these somewhat complicated explanations are impossible to establish specifically for a particular person, and not only terminate in general really effective therapeutic solutions. Then that understand the mechanisms of conditioning and strengthening of phobias by the imagination and avoidance enables better fight. 2. a self-analysis enough says its fears and its behaviour (what are the situations that I fear that I avoid, and how I can explain them on the basis of my history and my environment?); 3. A very progressive confrontation situations dreaded, in very small steps and without ever getting violence, but on the other hand in is remaining faces long and often (daily if possible). . For more about this subject read

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Uprising in Malibu: Hollywood stars fight against the construction mania.

Director Rob Reiner (misery, A few good men) has succeeded thanks to generous donations, to place the initiative called measure R on the ballot. The project is supported by his good friends Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, James Cameron and Pamela Anderson, Barbra Streisand – primarily with lots of money. Already have the supporters of measure R more than 500 000 dollars in donations collected: for election posters, advertising campaigns, TV commercials. It is not a bad result for a community in which people live officially only 13 000. Many stars in Los Angeles have two closely spaced dwellings such as Reiner. Some cynics say that there were just these commuter so clog up the Pacific Coast Highway, the main aorta between L.a. and Malibu. But Reiner wants to know nothing about. That local politics is an often a dirty business not only in Hollywood movies, even Reiner and his followers had to experience now. Many of the customized Yes on measure R signs, which were set up in Malibu, disappeared this week in a mysterious way. Pure, various contractors who would benefit financially from a further expansion Malibus suspects behind this cowardly, anti-democratic act. No matter, as the election’s in November, one thing is certain however already", so a pure opponent Soboroff: Mr. Reiner himself is not even vote, because he has no right to vote in Malibu as residents of Brentwood. But that seems not to bother the fans of Reiner in a community like Malibu. We shall overcome, I am firmly convinced, as Streisand to the Municipal Council. . Additional text can be read checking

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Milan, strangles his girlfriend. In the past he had tried to kill her.

Yet another femicide. A man in Milan killed his girlfriend, strangolandola at home, at the height of the nth argument. She escaped death two months ago. in that case were rushed to rescue her neighbors, after hearing her desperate screams. This time, however, was not so lucky. Both 42enni, were known in the area and from neighbors. She originally from Navigli, him son of a clockmaker from Porta Romana. After the crime, the man she called a friend, telling him what had happened, and then waited in the street the policemen who were arrested a few minutes later. The murderer would not have opposed resistance. It was not the first time, as mentioned, that between the two consumed quarrels. Often the forces of order had been alerted by phone calls, in which they also referred to the launch of bottles. In one of the last occasion, the woman with the bloody, would face a refugee from neighbors, but this last time he killed, probably strozzandola with the strap of a car carrier. Then he first confessed to a friend (who warned the police) and then sat on a bench waiting for arrived agents. . Root source could be studied clicking this link.

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