Demonstration in Munich: hate speech at the peace demonstration.

Palestinians protest on Saturday in Munich again against the war in Gaza. Possible anti-Semitic rants concern to the Jewish community. Want to protest against the killing in Palestine and calling for this Saturday by 14: 00, on to the rally at the Orleans Square: the members of the 1995 established Palestinian community in Munich. Enjoy at least 2500 followers in Haidhausen. The PGM is independent and has no political or religious interests, it says on the website of the Association. But at a rally last Sunday, according to police sources, about 5,000 people have joined the see also anti-Semitic and Islamic slogans and listen. Charlotte Knobloch will not be misunderstood: criticism of Israel’s policies is entirely legitimate, says the President of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde. But slogans such as child murderers Israel or death were to listen to the Jews, as well as during the demonstration on Sunday, would have nothing to do. This bare, cold hatred should have no place in our society, she says. The demonstration against the killing in Palestine to lead back to a rally at the Orleans Platz on Rosenheimer Street to Wiener Platz and the Wörthstrasse – through the middle of the concurrent Haid Hauser yard flea markets. Pending the Palestinian municipality was Fuad Hamdan. We want to distinguish us from anti-Semitism, I will say that in a speech at the beginning. We demonstrate not against Jews, but against the policies of Israel, he says. Hamdan is a member of the Jewish Palestinian dialog group in Munich. He wants to send away anti-Semitic demonstrators: I organized once a demo on the Marienplatz square, occurred when members of the NDP. Since I have also remove them. Hamdan will also not Allahu akbar cries: the people to demonstrate for the freedom of Palestine. The demonstration grew quickly on Sunday to the Sendlinger Tor, many protesters waved the Palestinian flag, but also Turkish, Iraqi and German flags were to be seen. In addition to banners such as free Gaza and human rights for palestine were protesters posters with inscriptions such as Allah Israel to punish with statements or Zionists are real terrorists. Even comparisons with Nazi Germany and the Holocaust occurred: the victims of yesterday are the perpetrators of today was to read, stop doing what Hitler did to you or Holocaust in Palestine and the world watching. A banner showed an hourglass in which flows the Israeli flag on its head by Adolf Hitler. . For extended facts regarding this matter read

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Caixabank expected banking concentrations in the coming years.

Once BBVA were imposed on the bid by CatalunyaBanc, the entity that presides Isidro Fainé studied the acquisition of the network of Barclays, which consists of 270 offices and 2. 800 employees. While Gortazar didn’t refer directly to the operation, he said yes that the entity is prepared for an eventual purchase. "We have the instruments for balance and know-how," said Gortazar, who judged that it is "healthy" that there is "some degree of additional concentration". The Chief Executive recalled that the is to study "the opportunities arising in detail" does not mean that all running. "We will see the numbers and what structure you can do," he said. In any case, the operation of CatalunyaBanc will not have "no impact" on the "strategy" of CaixaBank in Catalonia, said Gortazar, who said that the bank runs is "leader" in the community. Moreover, the CEO said that CatalunyaBanc was not "appealing" for his entity in the "conditions" that was it is BBVA. "You don’t know us evil not having won in these conditions", explained Gortazar, who added: "waste or shopping above what we think is something we are not going to do". . For extended facts regarding this topic click

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February 1996: Dominique Méda defends himself of any laziness.

After the publication of this interview, I obviously had a lot of mail. One made me particularly happy: it was that of the historian Paul Veyne, who said that he fully agreed with my thesis! I did also conferences, and had a lot of discussions with my colleagues because I was at the time responsible for searching the Dares (animation Director of research, studies and statistics of the Ministry of labour). We were all directly interested by these issues, including through the central question of the reduction of working time. These ideas have made their way. I remember a symposium, in 1998 I believe, to the National Assembly at the initiative of the Greens, on the question of the use of the released time and reduction of working time arrangements. It seems to me that, until in 2001, these issues were very present in the social debate. Everything unfortunately interrupted the questioning, ideological, with 35 hours. What a pity that we have not drawn a serene balance of this period and that we have decided not to put these issues on the table: the place of work in our lives, how to redistribute it, the question of what is the wealth of a society and how it is measured,. It seems to me that it is high time that we got back this crucial debate.  » . You should click this source to discover more about this amazing matter.

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A closed after a collective blowjob Balearic disco.

A nightclub in the island of Majorca, in the Balearic Islands, will have to close for a year following a scene of fellatio collective broadcast on a video via social networks, which had caused a scandal in Spain and pointed the spotlight on the excesses of mass tourism. The owner of the Playhouse, on the beach of Magaluf, was sanctioned by twelve months of closure and a fine of 55. 000 euros, announced Friday the Calvià Town Hall, the locality where is this beach drawing every summer thousands of British, Irish and Scandinavian youth for a holiday orchestrated by nightly feasts and alcohol. The sanction also seeks those responsible for the Carnage Magaluf, organizing company of nocturnal tours of bars and discos with alcohol at will, pub crawling. This measure was taken after a police investigation in the disco where collective oral sex recorded on a video, aired at the beginning of the month of July through social networks has been carried out, said the Town Hall in a statement. Obviously filmed with a mobile phone, the video showed how, on background music at high volume, a blonde girl wearing a white t-shirt and pink shorts making fast blowjob in a group of men standing around her. After the appearance in this video, the Mayor, Manuel Onieva media, in addition to expressing its most strong rejection of such practices, announced a thorough investigation, says the Town Hall. The local newspaper Diario Mallorca denounced the organisation of competitions in which the girls must practice a number of blowjob to present men in the bar in a minimum of time. The winner gains unlimited access to the bar during the whole time of his vacation, added the newspaper. Some seaside cities of Spain are struggling to control the tourism at low prices that various European countries travel agencies offer young people with all inclusive formulas, including the drink at will. These resorts have seen also to develop the practice of balconing, or jumping from the balcony of a hotel or an apartment room in a pool, which claimed the lives these past years several young people. This week, Barcelona City Council has announced having reached an agreement with three owners to end the party boats, boats-nightclubs where alcohol flows. . Related information can be found clicking

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Tölzer spanking: water cannon for the Summit.

That shows that the energy revolution are unique, and so back there is no renewed turn to nuclear power, it, how dangerous is this nuclear power lately also in the eyes of the Federal Government. So this Confederation of just one of his two emergency vehicles in the District of Wolfratshausen moved to Landshut, thus to meet the nuclear dangers of the local nuclear power plant. To the Federal Government of course not really moves the vehicle lower Bavaria, because it is approximately the same age with 27 years as the younger of the two power plant block, so really no more to use. Rather only its position wanders instead of the vehicle, so the money. And the Wolfratshauser fire needs to look so now not only for a new K LF16 TS, but even after the money. You will find it: the Federal Government. The nuclear danger in Landshut, Germany presents itself while now but still greater than the as the flood risk in Wolfratshausen, located on two rivers and where the words of the Mayor’s scenic actually not bad much has changed. But a whole other disaster called G8 threatens the Oberland within a year, and there are special funds and grants of up to 70 percent. Regardless of Putin the Federal needs anyway, just in case a few water cannons in reserve next year for Elmau, and here comes the Wolfratshauser fire now just in time. It has indeed the single Luftlöschbehälter to hang onto a helicopter far and wide. And what should the trailer dragging with these trailers in use, if not with a new LF16 of k TS? The Councils should be right: If the Federal Government shoots to already 70 percent from 350 000 euros, the city pays the rest. . For additional data regarding this subject visit

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Dietramszell: Since we must interfere.

Finds the artist Wolfram Kastner, the Hindenburg bust screwed by him in Dietramszell goods would be best in a museum three weeks it’s been since the Munich artist Wolfram Kastner has unscrewed the Hindenburg bust at the monastery wall and placed on the grounds of the family of Schilcher with two colleagues. With his action he wanted to stimulate a discussion on the historical figure of Hindenburg and the handling of the monument. So it was not but. Discussed, but was not Hindenburg, but the action of the Munich artist that many outrageous provocation and interference in the internal affairs of the municipality felt, as the reactions at the town hall meeting showed. The bust of the Hindenburg, which is currently held by Florian von Schilcher in a safe place, should be again, the tenor there was. I have dealt intensively with Hindenburg and the Nazi sculptor Thorak. And I have followed the history of honorary citizen in Dietramszell. I live in this country, I come around and do tours. Even after Dietramszell. The Hindenburg bust bothers me for 20 years: an anti Democrat, which has sent hundreds of thousands to their deaths, a convent and a school – because you must intervene. I am very glad that we live in a democracy. And one must deal with the carefully. That would be a Nazi Memorial is restored the first time in the post-war period. That would be a public outcry, such as the honorary. I can not imagine that the order, who bought the monastery with the bust and she also heard that in my opinion that would allow. That would be yes a positioning, which can not be in the sense of the Church. Also a text would it do not change much: what should that just get in a few sentences? If the Hindenburg in a museum. A Museum of local history in the region, or perhaps in the House of Bavarian history, which will be opened in 2018 in Regensburg. There could be told the whole story of the Hindenburg head in Dietramszell. But, I’m afraid that the Mayor sits it out and the bust disappeared. I’ve experienced that in Landsberg: there was a memorial for Albert Leo Schlageter, the Nazis revered as martyrs. I sent a petition to the Mayor, but he has not responded. So we tipped over the stone and placed in a text. . Root facts could be read visiting the following reference.

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UN report on the Ukraine: 225,000 people on the run.

The violent conflict in the Ukraine drove people from their homes according to UN figures some 225 000. About 130 000 people had so far the Ukraine towards Russia left, a spokesman for the UN refugee Agency (UNHCR) announced in Geneva on Friday. 95 000 are in the Ukraine on the run. Australia wants a contingent of troops to the death of Malaysian Boeing in the East. send the Ukraine. Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Friday spoke of a "humanitarian mission", which Bedingungen would be laid down in an agreement with the Government in Kiev. The goal was 28 Australian inmates of the machine, that belong to the a total of 298 dead, to bring into the home. The agreement with the Ukrainian Government are nearing completion, Abbott said. 90 Australian policemen were hundreds more security forces installed already to Europe, this time soldiers, should follow according to Abbott. Australian security forces should participate in an international operation, searching at the scene for remaining death victims and clues to the cause of the crash. A large part of the bodies was flown out now in the Netherlands, which have taken over the management of the mission. The Netherlands prepare the deployment of 40 unarmed policemen and 23 investigators Meanwhile, according to Prime Minister mark Rutte. . You must check this to read more on this interesting subject.

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Found the flight recorders of the machine crashed in Mali.

A black box is been salvaged after the crash of an Air Algérie plane in Mali. French soldiers should the black box in the Malian town of Gao bring, so that she could be evaluated as quickly as possible, said French Head of State François hollande. Earlier, around 100 French soldiers had arrived at the crash site. There were no survivors, said hollande in a speech. He expressed his condolences to the relatives of the victims. Yesterday, Air Algérie had informed the contact to flight AH5017 was canceled about 50 minutes after takeoff in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, in the early morning. The disappearance of the machine became known only after several hours. Why did authorities and airlines not previously available to the public, is unclear. The McDonnell Douglas MD-83 was on his way to the Algerian capital Algiers. The crew have previously asked for a change of course because of bad weather, said Burkina Faso Transport Minister Jean Bertin OUEDRAGO. Burkina Faso called off a two-day national mourning. The machine crashed about Mali owned private Spanish Swiftair and chartered according to the company by the Algerian airline. Swiftair has according to own a fleet of 30 planes and employs 400 people. They chartered their aircraft companies, public authorities, international organisations and other airlines. The aircraft of the company are therefore used in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The McDonnell Douglas MD83 is a 45 meter long short and medium-haul and has 167 seats. Manufacturers were the McDonnell Douglas plants in California, which was acquired by Boeing in 1997. . You should click the following to learn extra about this interesting topic.

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Israel and Hamas truce proposal evaluate Usa.

During the cease-fire, Israel and Hamas should sit at a negotiating table to define a hypothesis for broader agreement with the mediation of Egypt. The table also participate in the Palestinian Authority. Us, UN and Eu would be guarantors to the parties so that all see recognized their interests: for Israel, Hamas ‘ disarmament and dismantlement of the tunnel; for the Islamist movement, the end of the blockade of Gaza. Palestinian sources have reported to the newspaper al-Hayat that Hamas has agreed in principle to the cease-fire, humanitarian while Israeli security cabinet is expected to convene in the afternoon to evaluate the proposals.   UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said he was "shocked by the news of the attack on the school. Then reaffirmed "that all parties must respect their obligations under international humanitarian law" and that the fighting must stop now ‘. " The UN has stressed did not know who attacked the Unrwa school» and that the circumstances of the incident are still not clear. " Even the US State Department, after the bombing of the school, asked again that civilians are protected. On the episode, Israeli military spokesman Arieh Shalicar told Ansa in the evening that the army–which has opened an investigation-’ is not 100% sure what happened in Beit Hanun. But he added, we know that in that area there were also shots of Hamas, as well as the UN representative was aware of. " The fact is that the witnesses of the event told instead that "there is no doubt that the attack at the school has been launched by the Israeli army."   . You should check this homepage to learn more about this amazing matter.

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Investigative reporter Mazher Mahmood: The fake Sheikh.

The Leveson-investigation convened 2011 after the eavesdropping scandal of the Sunday newspaper "News of the World" about the culture, practice and ethics of the British press, the reporter who describes himself as the "King of covert research", boasted his work for the "news of the world" have led to more than 250 criminal convictions. The number has been put into question, the procedures that have failed due to lack of sound evidence, were concealed. The public prosecutor’s Office and the police are considering to proceed against Mahmood for perjury. News UK, the British newspaper company of the Murdoch group, has suspended the reporter, pending results of an internal investigation. The "Sun on Sunday" said it was disappointed by the outcome of the proceedings. The "original research" be "in the framework of the law and the standards of the press industry"been run. For Mahmood, it could be the end of a controversial career, which he began at the age of seventeen when he gave friends of the family who sold rape videos on the "news of the world". . Similar data can be found visiting hyperlink.

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