Verbatim closes in Spain not to pay 19 million tax fraud.

The defendants for fraud have also seized assets, but case sources explain that their homes and some accounts it does not far to imposed bail.  The settlement of the Spanish subsidiary does not imply that Verbatim products in stores spanolas there are no. The multinational company runs the business from France. At least two of Verbatim France commercials before working for Verbatim Spain. Just a couple of months later, Verbatim changed its name to V-Es Data for Life and presented a competition of creditors. The bond of the national court was cause of that contest, according to the President of the company in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Gary Milner admits. "V-Es Data for Life decided to end operations in Spain by a combination of two factors, the economic slowdown in Europe and the impact of the measures precautionary civil deposit taken by the judge investigating the alleged illegal activities of two past", explained in an e-mail. Verbatim has distanced himself from his two former, who blames what happened: "research has been limited to the former director-general and the former Director of sales. No member of the Council of the Spanish subsidiary has been charged. No one in the group or the company has been investigated". Verbatim blames everything on his two former, for which the prosecution is seeking two and a half years in prison. But they defend themselves by attacking the company. "Rafael Roca, lawyer Luis Fisas, says that Verbatim was abreast of all: can not say that they did not know anything". In his defence it alleges Fisas and Lozano were dismissed six months after being arrested, not immediately. The lawyer says Verbatim cunning to liquidate its subsidiary when the instruction of the case was completed, which has prevented the audience tried to go against the matrix. Lozano’s Attorney also insists if fraud has occurred it was to benefit its customers but Verbatim. . Additional data can be read reading url.

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Renzi to Leopolda: do two mandates.

Matteo Renzi speaks from the stage of the Leopolda to ‘ his ‘ people and urges him not to change but to change Italy. Then you venture into a statement that will discuss: I do at most two terms in the spirit of Leopolda. Maximum arrival to 2023. In short words that are ‘ autorottamazione ‘. But the former friend Pippo Civati comes a rejection very heavy: Renzi now speaks like Berlusconi. Here speaks the Italy that creates jobs. So Matteo Renzi opens the day’s work at the Leopolda, the number 5 most expensive show the former Mayor of Florence right here, now half a decade ago, started climbing in the country. We are doing very serious work on content: 52 52 tables this morning and in the afternoon. But for a couple of hours listen to stories of business: big companies, some of the largest in Italy, who lives the experience of social enterprise and small business stories. The goal is to be able to tell how even in times of crisis we can do business, says Renzi by introducing some interventions including Brunello Cucinelli and Patrizio Bertelli. There is an ongoing controversy because in the manoeuvre we recovered some money from slot machines, said Radhakrishnan-. Controversies that I think and I hope they can be overcome. The enclosure of the Democratic Party come the predictable-prime-criticism. I think more embarrassing the counterdemonstration of Leopolda there is nothing. The stresses Rosy Bindi, on the sidelines of the event of Cgil, who asks him if Dem minority participation at the procession can embarrass the PD. Hope that Renzi listens this square, adds. Another JAB from Deputy Pd Stefano Fassina. It’s a misreading that doesn’t recognize how this event both for work and development act to correct Jobs and stability, says law Fassina in the margin of the Cgil. And the Leopolda adds: I wish that the Secretary of the Democratic Party had organized a demonstration of all the party, an Assembly of clubs instead of Florentine event. To Susanna Camusso respond instead of reform Minister Maria Elena Woods in an interview with Channel 5 News: there is no matter and no clash between those on the square in Rome and who is at the Leopolda in Florence. Here we are saying in my face what does not work, but we also do proposals. The tug of ears more bitter, perhaps because it comes from a former ally, co-founder of Leopolda 1. 0, is the Goofy Civati. What they’re saying in the last days Radio is what Berlusconi said. When he says that there are one million people in the square and 1960s home Renzi makes a literal quotation of Berlusconi. It was 2002 and I was in the square. I had invited Renzi to come here but did not come, then responds to the edge of the manifestation of the Cgil who reminds him of the words of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said yesterday as the Leopolda was also home of Civati. Then a broadside about the words of the London-based financier David Serra, who from Florence asked him to restrict the right to strike for workers of the public administration: I reckon the Leopolda there is a delegation from the u.s. Republican right,,. Not just consensus I at least Italian wealth. While the parliamentarians?. Based on the earnings of a lifetime this is one of the questions that Mario, a former metalworker of Piombino addressed to the President of the Council, Matteo Renzi, taking advantage of the bulletin provision of those who were unable to sit at one of 100 tables and Leopolda5 ideas. . Similar information can be read clicking website.

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Werder Bremen coach suspended Dutt.

The time of Robin expired Dutt on the river Weser. The 49-year-old was released on Saturday with immediate effect, as informed of the SV Werder Bremen. New head coach is the former U23 coach Viktor Skripnik in the Cup match against Chemnitz (Tuesday, 7: 00, in the live Center here at NDR. de) for the first time takes on the bench. Although Dutt launched still training at the tail end of the Bundesliga in the morning, at noon the Supervisory Board and the Board of Directors met but, to discuss the difficult situation of the tradition Club. As the most important agenda item was to date the election counted by ex-internationals Marco Bode as the new Chairman of the Supervisory Board. Meanwhile, much had spoken against Dutt. Statistically the 49-year-old had won only every fourth game as Werder coach all nine games of the season without a win. Against newly promoted Cologne had his team miss the faith still to be able – to turn around the game and Dutt showed understanding for it at all. They have had very many low blows and repeatedly given everything. Then may sometimes happen that you body language her perhaps shortly it believes. He no longer believed in a playful solution at the end. A well formulated sports bankruptcy – even before the meeting had stressed Dutt, that there is no alternative to winning. In the still of the night had been discussed at the premises of the arena long user successors. Whether and how Samson should develop in the long term these cadre, is, however, questionable. At work it is not missing anyway, in the coming weeks. Only during the first 20 minutes the hosts were able to prove begin their Bundesliga maturity, then the Rhinelander particular predominantly happening on the playing field. Captain Clemens Fritz was still the team spirit: the team behind the coach, working meticulously. Teammates were however significant. Of course we are not staying long yet, but we played just crappy, said goalkeeper Raphael Wolf. . Extended data can be inspected clicking

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Tunisia: a crucial ballot under high voltage.

The Prime Minister Mehdi Jomaa, Interior and Defence Ministers and the Chairman of the Forum organizing elections (ISIE), Chafik Sarsar, inspected Saturday morning in the region of Nabeul (North) from the polling stations, police stations and a center of storage of the ballot box. What is important is of (,.) see the last (measures) implemented for security, preparations for the big day, the moment of truth, said Chafik sales. The method of voting – proportional to the strongest rest – promoting small formations, the major political forces already stressed that no party would be able to govern alone. I believe that Parliament will be fragmented, recognizes Mohsen Marzouk, one of the leaders of Nidaa tunes, which provides that Ennahda and his party share some 150 seats, others reverting to a litany of small formations with which negotiations to form a coalition Government will have to take place. Rest also the unknown of participation, number of Tunisians who were disillusioned by the political battles that have delayed by two years elections. The large secular party, which campaigned in posing as an unique alternative to Ennahda, regularly referred to as obscurantist and anti-democratic, group also provides in case of victory to form a coalition and has not completely closed the door on a collaboration with the Islamists. . Extended data can be inspected clicking info.

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Milan-would be about 25 European banks that the ECB is preparing to ‘ reject ‘ Sunday, but many of these had already strengthened their capital this year, with the result that the institutes with an actual shortage to heal would be ten: and between these two Italian particularly at risk, Montepaschi and Carige, engaged in meetings until the last to meet as soon as possible to the likely requests for further strengthening of capital. For Mps, the fears that had led to a series of sales in recent days are definitely back: Friday, he finished with a +10%, regaining a threshold euros per share and a capitalization of five billion that a few days ago had fallen to four. The market, tempered the fear for the probable rejection (according to anticipations of Us agency Bloomberg) ‘ adverse ‘ scenario simulated by the ECB, already looks after. And Montepaschi, that would, according to some unconfirmed rumors, already convened a Board of Directors for the early afternoon of Sunday, might resort to an alternative solution, the issuance of a convertible bond, hybrid Tier 1 capital, which would satisfy the criteria of the ECB and would call on line shortly. On a day less tense in the markets (promoted even Cyprus’s rating by Standard Poor’s &, a B +), relief in your bag for Carige (+3.91% Fri), another likely rejected the American Agency: eyes are also here on emergency measures at the last minute. There is talk of a cda just Sunday, when the deadline for negotiations to cede insurance assets to Apollo Management Holdings in a transaction valued at between 200 and 250 million. In the last session of the week have breathed even Banco popolare (+1.99), (+5.56), Creval Bpm (+1.58%) and Bto (+1.59%), and other institutions whose names were circulated in recent days among those most at risk. While the German giant Deutsche Bank, European credit on the edge of rejection, should do it: after the capital increase by 8.5 billion launched in recent months his supervisors ‘ CET1 capital would be at 8.8 percent, above the 8% required in the ‘ asset quality review and basic scenario of the stress test. Risks for Deutsche, and some German medium-sized banks, for some establishments Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, and Cypriots, as half a dozen Italian banks (including Mps and Carige), focus primarily on the adverse scenario, which we must come out with a ‘ CET1 of 5.5% minimum in order not to receive ECB cautioned. The likely confusion that you will create on Sunday at 12, when the ECB publishes its verdict about 130 banks under scrutiny, is due to the ‘ cutoff date ‘: in practice, the examination takes a snapshot of the financial situation and assets at the end of 2013: approximately 25 institutes, in fact, come out as technically rejected, with an overall capital requirements that Citigroup estimated 15 billion. But many of these have patrimonial measures put in place after that date, of which even the ECB (in the case of capital increases or hybrid emissions) will be taken into account. Those that even these measures will not be deemed sufficient (we talk about six billion total requirement) are, in fact, the banks should emerge with a financial shortage still to heal: a dozen, in fact. Will have fifteen days to indicate what measures they intend to take, and 60 days to raise capital, which become 90 in case of a rejection from ‘ adverse ‘ scenario. . Main source can be studied checking this

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Tennis: Federer in semis in Basel, Nadal put an end to his season.

Roger Federer has qualified for the semifinals of tournament Basel Friday, then Rafael Nadal, beaten in quarters 6-2, 7-6 (7/4) by the Croatian Borna Coric, put an end to his season and will be operated for appendicitis on November 3. I won’t go to Paris and London. I’m not competitive enough. I’ll let me operate on 3 November, explained the Majorquin of 28 years, confirming its package for the Masters 1000, Paris-Bercy next week and above all the Masters of end of the year in London, from 9 to 16 November. Today, it is the day to say goodbye to the season and I had six good months this year. But it was difficult with my back and wrist problems and now the appendicitis. I therefore need to be made to work on my back the week next before the operation. Then I will need five weeks to recover, said Nadal, winner including nine Roland Garros. The Spanish had taken late September competition from Beijing after three months of absence due to a wrist injury. He had returned last week at home in Majorca, after his elimination in the first round of the Masters 1000 in Shanghai, suffering from an onset of inflammation of the Appendix. It was under antibiotic for 4-5 days and her doctor had explained to him that he could continue to play despite his appendicitis. It was difficult during the entire match and throughout the tournament. Every day, I feel more tired. I was trying to cause me to get in shape, but this was not possible. I was not competitive. I was not trying to reach the quarterfinals, j? try to win the tournament, concluded Nadal. In early afternoon, the world no. 3 said package for the Masters 1000, Paris-Bercy which starts Monday, for personal reasons. If Nadal does not come, it would be reluctantly. I think he’s going to have surgery, had then said Guy Forget, the Tournament Director. In the evening, Roger Federer, no. 2 world, has emerged with authority in Bulgarian Grigor Dimitrov, world 11th, 7-6 (7/4), 6-2, and thus continues its road to a sixth title at home. It’s like a meeting of shots on goal to play against him, said Federer by alluding to his opponent in the last four, the great server Croatian Ivo Karlovic, winner of the German Benjamin Becker 6 – 4, 6-4. Should just choose a side when he served and hope that it is good. There is really no strategy, said Federer. The other semi-final will catch Coric and the Belgian David Goffin who took the best on Canada’s Milos Raonic 6-7 (3/7), 6-3, 6-4. . You should visit this page to learn more about this great matter.

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Alleged Fund from the bronze age: archaeologists argue about Bernstorfer gold treasure.

According to Gebhard, modern gold of the structure is here different than the Bernstorfer Fund, which is dated to the Middle Bronze age. Krause points out that you have to do it for the first time in Central Europe with a trove of as pure gold, which of course give up puzzles. Both point out that the investigations of the find are not yet completed. Krause sees the problem is that the circumstances of the Fund in Bern peat are not precisely documented. Of course gets the doubters on the plan. At a workshop, experts had confirmed in Munich, that you could answer the question of authenticity not only with modern analysis. There is also an investigation that shows that you could produce such gold not electrolytically, that have omitted completely Pernicka – as well as the fact that even lead is present in the Bernstorfer gold. But it isn’t about one thousandth or in trace elements, it comes to the interpretation, Krause says. . For extended facts about this subject visit

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Unemployment starts rising in September.

After a pause in August, the number of registrants to Pôle Emploi resumed its rise in September. The number of unemployed in category A (no activity) increased by 0.6% in France Metropolitan (19 200 additional registered) and now stands at 3.43 million people. By adding categories B and C (part-time), the increase is more significant still: workforce swell of 50,200 people, an increase of 1% and will reach 5.19 million people.   «This increase is not obvious to read, says Bruno Ducoudré, Economist at the OFCE.» Among these people part-time, there are entering employment – seen in the increase in the number of beneficiaries of the RSA activity. But this represents only a part of the rise. "On the other hand, one speaks of people who found a small job and looking for a job full time: is this really positive, or is it the mark of a casualization of employment? Among the reasons for this increase, a bond of the purposes of CSD (+ 6%), the first ground of entry to Pôle Emploi, and signs of a sluggish economic activity. For their part, the employment times reported decreased 4.9%. The increase concerning all categories of age: especially the more than fifty years (+ 1% in category A, and + 11.1% year on year), but also less than 25 years (+ 0.4% in category A). Admittedly, this last category is that the better resist the rise of unemployment, and the only one whose numbers are lower than a year ago. It is the effect of ad hoc arrangements put in place by the Government, and in particular the jobs of the future. The latter crossed late September the bar of 150 000. For 2014, the Government has brought the goal of 50,000 contracts to 95,000. Another worrying figure, the number of long-term unemployed continues to increase. They are now more than 2.2 million looking for a job for a year or more, and nearly 675,000 to be included in cluster jobs over three years – 18.8% more than in September 2013. An "overlay" which makes it still more difficult to return to employment of the persons concerned. The Minister of labour, François Rebsamen, must announce by the end of November a plan of action to combat long-term unemployment. . For extra about this subject click

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Mario Balotelli is already in (s) for sale.

In summer the farewell to Milan, next to Liverpool? The fate of Supermario Reds Jersey seems to be very uncertain. According to the Daily Express, Balotelli could be put on the market if it fails to get going in right from here to the mdo the next few weeks. So far her booty is a goal (in the Champions, zero in Premier) and many broken hopes in the field. That’s why we start to speculate the divestment: mugugnano fans, the press has already been thoroughly tackles on him and the media there have been cases. Regret for the departure of Luis Suarez (past weight in gold at Barcelona) remains strong in Liverpool. To Mario a chance to deny everyone from upcoming matches. Liverpool really begin to lose patience with Mario Balotelli. The former striker of AC Milan and ended in yet another snowstorm to exchange link with pepper at the end of the first half of the race with Real Madrid, with Reds under 0-3. Balotelli was then replaced at the interval and Brendan Rodgers already last night it had digested the gesture of the player. Not a thing that I like to see in other countries happen, but here it does not happen and should not happen unless at the end of the match, had said Wednesday evening, by suggesting that Balotelli would be fined. Now the coach of Liverpool is back on the issue and for the first time questioned the SuperMario’s future at Anfield. Take any measures ‘ against Mario, will remain between us. We talked about the culture in this country and in particular to Liverpool. Stop, case closed. There has been no reaction from the rest of the team to exchange of Balotelli’s Jersey but speculations are inevitable. Then, however, the tone becomes more hard knocks. Mario Balotelli, the ‘ show ‘ for me there. It is treated like any other player. We have an image as a team, how we play, we work and represent the club. I like the different players, the personalities that are characterized by the hairstyle or for colored liners but as long as they do not see themselves as individuals, which is the most important thing. We must adapt to the parameters of the team and if the players, in the long run, they do it can be difficult for them to work here. But from this point of view Mario is working hard and is doing its best. We’ll see how andra ‘ although we are trying seriously to improve execution time-continues Rodgers-as coach I can’t ask him to do his best, then if this its best will be enough you will see, but the same applies to all players, not just Mario. Mario Balotelli continues to talk about ‘. The British tabloids on-line report that the Liverpool striker had a quarrel with a woman, surprise to snap a photo to his red Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. Balotelli had a threatening attitude and the police is already investigating the matter. The former malaki, finished last night in a snowstorm to exchange link with pepper at the end of the first half of Liverpool-Real Madrid, with Reds under 0-3, was near Manchester, around 15, to visit mother Rose Barwuah. Parked the Ferrari to Pewsey Road, Peel Hall, Wythenshawe, Balotelli would have noticed a nearby who, out of his home, was taking a photo to his car and asked to stop. The woman would call at that point the Manchester Police, denouncing the intimidating by Balotelli. . You can visit this to learn extra about this amazing matter.

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Ottawa at war (paper of ANGLE).

In its history, the land of the maple leaf had experienced anything similar. Shocking details released the Canada from its stupor.   The radicals, the first and the second were Canadians of strain. Also well Michael Zaman-Bibeau of 32 years who shot at Ottawa, that his 25 years compatriot Martin Couture-roll are born, have studied and worked in the Canada. Both are converted to islam in 2013 and since they tried to leave for the Iraq or the Syria to support their brothers in the Islamic State. They knew each other and were visiting their reciprocal websites and other radical Islamist sites. Both were watched by national intelligence as radical elements and were denied to issue passports for the Middle East. According to police, the Canada currently has 90 other people of the same kind while about 400 Muslim Canadians fight in the ranks of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. All the circumstances of the tragedy of Ottawa still remain to be clarified. But how is the terrorist managed to first kill a sentry, then to seize a car to gain entry to Parliament, to enter a protected building and open fire? The Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper promised to establish the facts: during the next few days we will learn more about the terrorist and his complicity. But this week’s events recall sadly that the Canada is not sheltered terrorist desattaques we have seen elsewhere in the world. In may 2013 Britain lived a similar drama while two Nigerian-born British Islamists massacred with machetes in London the young soldier Lee Rigby. Britain then allowed the revision of the status of numerous charitable and social organizations Islamic. Many journals already ask sound questions: Canadian political tolerance is not a too vulnerable target. Doesn’t offer too many opportunities for infiltration of extremist ideas? Is it useful to combat terrorism separately, by mobilising that the anglo-saxon world or need to ally with other countries? Perhaps with the Russia or even the Syria?The abandonment of the universal principles of combating terrorism, the invention of methods of particular opposition, bypassing the Security Council of the United Nations, led unfortunately to plausible results, this is what the Russia already more than once drew attention to the problem, said Foreign Minister Sergueï Lavrov in Moscow a few hours before the tragedy of Ottawa. Now in Syria we are in the situation where, having applauded the overthrow of president Bachar al-Assad, the West turns a blind eye, since nearly 4 years, on the strengthening of the positions of extremists in that country. It thus contributes to a rapid increase in the threat from terrorists, in particular of the organization Islamic State, which has already seized important territories in Iraq and Syria and there introduced Sharia. After the tragedy of the Canada the West must understand that he went too far in his passion to give lessons to others: how to live, how to guarantee its security, how to choose his enemies and his friends, who forget to secure his own House, considers the retired general of external intelligence (SRV) Leonid Rechetnikov. In the contemporary open world it is impossible to definitively eradicate terrorism, believes the Professor of the Lomonosov University of Moscow Alexei Fenenko. Only joint efforts are able to reduce the threat. He recalled that the first thing to do in this situation is to cut off the sources of financing of international terrorism: the modern terrorism is a transnational phenomenon. It accumulates financial forces in the banking sector. Modern terrorism funding transnational banking flows. It is the oil capital of the fifth, sixth and seventh hand received Gulf countries. Terrorism operates perfectly on the territory of Western countries, including the territory of the Commonwealth, as we see the example of the Canada. Many Russian experts report that the latest tragic events in the Canada highlight the absurdity of the statements of US president Barack Obama that the Ebola virus and the Russia constitute the main threat to global security, front terrorists of the Islamic State. . For extra insights on this matter click

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