Workers ‘ anger Igea, Manager locked drive to Iglesias.

A real, that implementation by workers, who demonstrated in front of the seat of a University seat Iglesias del Sulcis, on the occasion of a Conference on green economy which was expected to attend Governor Francesco Pigliaru and Industry Councillor Maria Grazia Piras. the arrival of the Director of the extraction of the service industry as well as super activity Viewer Igea,. The regional official has long been the protesters inside of his car. Only the intervention of police and carabinieri allowed him to get away, to a vehicle of police service. Upon him, considered responsible for delays in the use of currently available and that could resolve the situation somehow giving workers quiet, you have bestowed upon the workers. Workers have considered his presence a. The paychecks, which had been promised for last November 20, were never issued, and meanwhile, there are two innovations. The new Commissioner liquidator Caria, newly appointed by the junta, has announced one for Thursday evening in Cagliari. The same assessor Parikh vowed a meeting for Friday morning at the headquarters of the Department, again in Cagliari. We do not know the topic of the meetings nor whether these will lead to a lightened-commented Giampaolo Delrio, of the Filtctem-Cgil-what is certain is that at this point, no concrete answers. The battle will continue until the employee obtaining all tie to future activity. . Inspirational source could be read clicking the following

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The child killed by the police in Cleveland shot the arrival of the police.

The police officer who killed Saturday a 12 years old child playing with a fake pistol in Cleveland (Ohio), shot him a few seconds after his arrival, reveals a damning video released Wednesday by police. On the silent video taken by a surveillance camera, which lasts approximately 8 minutes, we see the young boy, Tamir Rice, pointing his dummy weapon toward a buckle, make it turn on his finger as in the films and store it on his belt while walking on a sidewalk near a snow-covered Park. Seen then spend a brief call with her mobile phone, make a snowball and put away in a kiosk in the Park. Shortly thereafter, pictured on the video a police car arriving at a brisk pace and stop directly on the lawn of the Park. The boy goes to the car, without his weapon in hand. He does not throw the arm and seems to want to take something from his belt when he is shot by one of the officers barely out of his car. . For more insights regarding this topic visit

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Depression, Europe costs $ 92 billion per year.

The GLOBAL Crisis of Depression: The Low of the 21st Century?: the summit devoted to depression, organized in London at Kings Place from The Economist weekly the 25 November, leaves little room for imagination. The global crisis of the depression is the true monster of the 21st century? To answer the question and understand what is the right way to go to help the 350milioni of people in the world suffering from this difficult disease, 170 between political leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, social workers, psychologists, patients and doctors gathered in London. Guests by Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, to Nick Hækkerup, Danish Health Minister, met to seek a common solution and launch a new message: no recovery project will be truly effective without a global sensitization process that involves the whole planet. Because depression, have reminded the speaker, is neither a disease for rich, let alone to read. Everyone can understand and, more importantly, everyone has the right to see her disappear from their lives. This condition has many modes of manifestation and severity levels, said Kofi Annan, for years engaged in social with the Kofi Annan Foundation, and this is the problem: it is very difficult, when we talk about depression, identify common intervention strategies and effective. That is why we must create partnerships between States and not underestimate the data that each country puts into circulation on their patients and their nursing projects, so to understand what and how much progress are made elsewhere and compete to improve. Now we have no more excuses: the tools are there. And we must use them to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. We have to educate people to the fact that depression is an illness like any other, and being able to talk about it as we speak of any other syndrome. Not necessarily a cure must be only the Government: even the family members may have a key role. But it is essential that a partnership between banks and charitable organizations, if we want to achieve some results. I hope that today’s meeting was useful for figuring out how much is serious and great depression impact not only on our lives, but on society, on finance. We have established, through cross-investigations, which where were adopted targeted care policies, the economy has benefited, added David Haslam, Chief of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence English. According to the World Health Organisation, depression at the moment is the leading cause of disability worldwide and causes, according to a report from the European Commission, the 7% of premature deaths in Europe (a patient has a life expectancy of 20 years or less). The old continent costs $ 92 billion a year (studio j. Olesen posted on Neurology). Search Mental Health Foundation. Mental Health Statistics found that more than a quarter of working-age citizens suffered at least once by a mental illness, including depression, and study investigators Sara Evans-Lacko and Martin Knapp published in PLOS One, explains how the disease affects the productivity of people, doing, therefore, increasing dramatically the necessary funds for State welfare policiessuch increased costs for health services, incentives for the placement of the unemployed and replacing those who, because of illness, has lost their jobs (in Europe one person in 10) and investments in favour of family policies and the most serious patient care. Our Organization, said Francesca Colombo of the Health Division of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), found that mental disorders such as depression cost to developing countries, on average, 4% of the gross domestic product and this percentage can double or triple depending on the number of the unemployed and welfare policies that are adopted from time to time. The depression has serious consequences on family and economy. If you have cancer receive some type of assistance: because if you have a mental illness doesn’t it?, asks the former British Minister Norman Lamb. Cure it is cheap, he adds, to have a term of comparison, a sixth of what it costs to treat schizophrenia: because then it becomes a chronic disease? Another problem is the stigma: that is what we have to delete. Workers must not be ashamed. Nor be afraid of losing the place having said to be sick, as was the case at one time. Because depression is not measurable as diabetes and it’s hard to make it clear to people what is painful and great your inner discomfort. Sue Baker, Director of Time to Change, the English project of contrast to the stigma of mental illness, has stressed that the link between depression and dismissal or harassment is established: who has a mental problem at work is systematically discriminated against, and it is not easy to fight this trend. Still, Baker said, it is a condition that can affect anyone. Everyone thinks that it is something that concerns only others, but they are wrong. When it comes to depression, others are always too. . Original source could be found clicking this hyperlink.

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Look no more Prince videos online, deleted and social profiles.

At a distance of just over a year since his first tweet, Prince vanishes from Twitter. But not only, also from Facebook, YouTube and Soundcloud. It seems so sudden an abandonment as had been his landing on the net, not long ago. That Prince never doted the web was fairly Note: find its official video on YouTube was a daunting task and the same American artist had launched, in 2010, in statements lapidarie: Internet is completely dead. As if that weren’t enough, he also threatened to sue eBay sites, YouTube and Torrent if they continued to disseminate, illegally, his music. Made peace with the network, Prince created his Twitter account and Facebook and started to use the platforms for promoting the material with his band, the 3rdEyeGirl. At the beginning of October had promoted a unique chat on Facebook page where fans can ask questions to their favorites who promptly respond. However Prince had answered one question, only to urge the public to listen to music only in high resolution. The love for the web has lasted. Inspirational facts may be read clicking this

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Coaches duel arsenal against Dortmund: two charismatics in the crisis.

Best about the trainer described the mood before the game between arsenal and at Borussia Dortmund, where it hosts to its entry into the knockout stage goes and leaves to find distraction from the crisis in the League, for the guests that. About Arsène Wenger, who is experiencing just the worst season start in his 18-year tenure at arsenal. After the most recent 1-2 against Manchester United, the team tables aft is. And level of Klopp, who is revered by fans and media in England because they basically worship much, what is different from the Premier League the Bundesliga: affordable ticket prices, standing room, the absence of Arab oil sheiks at the top of the Club. And because Klopp the BVB one has made the most exciting football clubs in Europe. The current low level of the League the Klopp disciples from the island look beyond generous. The BVB coach helped themselves, that the Englishman longing for him is particularly large these days. In an interview with the TV channel BT he said sports amazingly open, that a job in the Premier League would irritate him. In addition to Germany, England was the only country in which he could work, said Klopp, because in addition to German, he speak only English. His children would be a move abroad not get in the way, they were clearly his own. While Klopp also said that he is thinking at the moment does not have a change. The crisis makes his work with the BVB does not fundamentally challenge him. On the contrary: you drives him. But one can assume that Klopp is the effect of his sentences was aware that he strategically chose his words. It can’t hurt to keep up the interest in the own person and to signal readiness. You can never know whether it continues in Dortmund as in previous years, in which the Club was twice champion and Cup Winners Cup once and was in the final of the Champions League. Since Klopps interview, the rumor market and speculative buzzing in England. Liverpool FC appears in some of the media as a potential new employers for the Dortmund coach, even Manchester United and arsenal just. Talks on the light-hearted press conference before the match in the Champions League was in the evening Klopp on his statements addressed. The Dortmund coach seemed to enjoy interest, but refrained to reinforce its application: I didn’t say that I’m starting here next Monday. So quickly, the post at arsenal will not free. But the fact is that Klopps trainer Mr Wenger has lost the aura of untouchable. Again and again he came in recent years in the criticism because he gave off top players such as CESC Fabregas, Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie, without purchasing equivalent replacement. Only after much hesitation, he was willing to invest large sums in transfers. Mourinho moved to London last season for 50 million euros, this summer, Alexis Sánchez came to EUR 44 million. For this, Wenger could only makeshift mend the Interior defense after switching from Thomas Vermaelen to FC Barcelona. A further development of the team is not for many fans. The demands are escalating after Wenger farewell. The coach himself will not let the debate: I believe in my work, I believe in my players, he says. In the past Wenger had to put up the accusation, his team play nice and don’t win, and whenever this accusation threatened to become intolerable, arsenal won something: last season the Londoners won the FA Cup. Criticism is nothing new for Wenger. At the moment, she’s loud as rarely given by only four wins in 12 matches in the Premier League. . Extended data can be read reading web site.

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-Here is the long-awaited roof Golden pensions of civil servants, but is yellow on the brought changes. It provides for an amendment to the Government’s stability law filed in the House Budget Committee, which was created to remedy a flaw of the Reformation Fornero. According to Government sources, would an amendment other than that agreed and would then concern. The intervention would only cheques to ‘ grand commis ‘ cleared by 2015. The law, in fact, allowed Fornero heap for those passed by the contributory salary system, which would benefit public servants with very heavy treatments. With a last-second blitz, explain the sources of the Government, the Treasury is preparing to present to the House Budget Committee a text other than the one prepared by the Government and approved by the Minister of Forests on a favourable opinion of the Ministry of labour and, informally, Inps. The change relates to a substantive point why does Hi all golden pensions already in use because, according to the Mef, otherwise the rule would be unconstitutional. As a result of the new thread, who so far has benefited from a clearly unjust discipline, would continue to do so: unless the Senate the Government and the majority doesn’t run for cover. The text states that the amount of the pension shall not however exceed what would have been paid with the old payroll system, but does not specify have elapsed since (in the first version of the amendment was established from the date of entry into force of the reform Fornero). And therefore would apply only to pensions awarded as of January 1, 2015, the date of entry into force of law of stability. For the text, it computes for purposes of determining the extent of the treatment, the insurance record is necessary for the achievement of the right to performance, complemented by that eventually gained between the date of obtaining the rights and the date of the first period for the payment of the pension. The workers of the Budget Committee of the Chamber should get an ok to text today, after will have to pass before the Chamber. Among other changes, it records ok amendment that assigns digital frequencies to local tv (if not awarded to national operators) and constrains the tax credit for the digitalization of the gratuity of wi-fi connections. . Similar info can be inspected checking

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Right-wing extremism: Right machinations in the Lions host.

There is an incident with police Monday evening at an event of Freising colorful Gasthaus zum Löwen came in. Robert Andreasch, speaker of the anti-fascist information and documentation centre Munich, Aida, spoke there on the current development of the extreme right in Bavaria. Probably not coincidentally, so Freisings police chief Ernst Neuner, visited the Guest House this evening also a group of people, which a trained eye could see that they come from the right scene. Because the Aida officer felt threatened, he alerted the police. Freising is colorful, decided to move the event from the host of lion on the sidelines. On the way there, anti-Fascists were accompanied by the police the Freising. The incident in the lion also shows how the same event in two completely different ways can be assessed. While the Aida speaker Andreasch reported the entire ground floor of the premises had been occupied at several tables of members of the rightist scene, dangerous people out of the Munich scene, of which he felt threatened, Günter Wittmann want to have not noticed. I previously only one called and reserved a table for twelve people to spare ribs dinner. On the phone I can’t hear it, if someone is yellow, Brown or red, says Wittmann. And further: I can use now not every tattooed on the doorstep. Definitely not he wants to express themselves in the right corner where I really don’t belong. Andreasch Wittmann accuses further, this put him virtually on the doorstep when he asked to call the police with the phone on the counter. Wittmann again says he told Andreasch only if he wanted to call the police, he should do that at the door, because I want to have my peace here. Also Andreasch started to photograph the people at the table with his cell phone, which did not like this. Wittmann is proposing to organise a round table on the theme, which will be moderated by the Freising Mayor Tobias Eschenbacher. He faces the positive if both sides want that. In this context, eh warns quick convictions. We should not divide us and before all talk with each other, he said. Freising is colorful has no further events in the lion keeper decided meanwhile to hold more. Mr Wittmann is not swum Yes now therefore on the burning soup, so baby-Murr. He had quite as representatives of the right scene can recognize people who sat there partially in his restaurant with Springer boots. Wittmann should have been obvious, that it is because of Freising bunt came were. . Main facts can be read clicking this fact.

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Female rate: “culture change in the world of work”.

The black red coalition settled their months-long dispute over the rate of women in large companies. The leadership of the Union and SPD agreed late at night at their meeting in the Chancellor’s Office in Berlin to a 30-percent quota for 100 listed and subject to participation companies without exceptions. On December 11, the law to be adopted by the Cabinet, it said in a statement. It shall apply from 2016 to. A Summit was preceded by the Coalition meeting, Schwesig and Maas German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Chancellery Chief Peter Altmaier attended. The sound had massively worsened in the past few days. Volker Kauder Chief of the Union Bundestag group sparked outrage at the SPD’s coalition partner, as he accused Weepiness Saleh in the dispute over the quota. In the so-called crybaby dispute SPD Chief Sigmar Gabriel Kauder, a problem was affiliated with women. SPD Secretary General Yasmin Fadi spoke of macho posturing and bad nursery. If women access to power, men attack like deep into the stereotype box. Is the Minister whiny? Really? If more proof were required that the ratio must come and women need more power: Volker Kauder has delivered him. So, men, howling yet!. For extra insights regarding this topic click

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“Our mothers, our fathers” Emmy Award.

Our mothers, our fathers had caused a stir in Germany and then in other European countries. In the three times 90 minutes the experiences are told by five young people, that time should have been an example of that. Some critics thought that the series differentiate too little and constitutes the Germans primarily as victims, rather than as perpetrators. In the United States was the three-parter earlier this year as a generation was to see in the cinema, ran only in seven cinemas. He played a nearly 92 000 dollars, which is almost not worth mentioning for American conditions. The series can be seen in the United States even at the Netflix streaming service, where she got no good reviews from viewers. The Dutchwoman Bianca Krijgsman was named the new world best actress for her performance as a grumpy cleaning lady in the show. Highlight of the gala evening was the bestowal of honors to the creator and producer of the TV series drama mad men, Matthew Weiner. He is watching the last episode with stories around the New York advertising agency Sterling Cooper. The award-winning series running since the year 2007. . Root data may be read checking the following

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A young boy shot by Cleveland police.

Tamir skin color doesn’t seem to be at the origin of the drama. It is in any case what counsel for the family of African-American young, quoted by the New York Times. He dismisses the theory of a racist blunder. "The real question is why police officers did not act with more precautions because they were dealing with a child", he says. "You must resume the facts bearing in mind that it is a child of 12 years old and not a man of 35 years with a criminal. And the two policemen have not been aware of the doubts of the witness as to the dangerous nature of the weapon. They have since been suspended, internal time of the investigation. One of the officers was less than one year of experience, the other more than ten years. Investigators recovered the playground surveillance cameras records. They should be presented to a grand jury to determine whether there was excessive use of force. . Additional facts can be inspected reading

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