Fußball – Bundesliga: Kagawa celebrates strong return, Bayern defeat Stuttgart.

Mario Götze brought the Munich against VfB in leadership, Xabi Alonso (27th minute) prepared the goal with a free kick. As a result, Bayern were superior, Xabi Alonso and Robert Lewandowski failed within one minute with shots of crossbar and post, to extend the lead to (72). This was the substitute Franck Ribéry (85.) shortly before the end. Returnees Shinji Kagawa has provided with a perfect debut for Borussia Dortmund for this, that the absence of the injured superstars was not negatively noticed Marco Reus against Freiburg. Was the Japanese which was changed back in the week before last in Manchester at Borussia Dortmund, 2-0-win against SC involved two hits: the 25-year-old with a pass of a (34) headed the first goal by Adrián Ramos, shortly before the break, Kagawa was allowed to cheer yourself (41). Against harmless Freiburger met the substitute Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (78th), Oliver Sorg made the final score (90). Has improved the BVB on the fourth place in the table, Freiburg is penultimate. With Sami Allagui has ensured that his former club Hertha BSC put a false start in the season. With a hit of Tunisians, who was replaced on the last day of the last transfer period from Berlin to Mainz, contributed to the Hertha’s second defeat in a row (70.). Before Shinji Okazaki had shot the FSV after preparation of JA Cheol Koo lead (36.). Ronny scored the connection (86.) via penalty (Handstand by Nico Bungert) though. When Hertha but threw everything forward, completed in turn Okazaki a counterattack to the 3:1 (90 + 1). While initially ranked six Mainz, Hertha is one point from three games 16.

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Landtag of Thuringia – Merkel warns coalition with the left Greens.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned against participation in a Government under the leadership of the left the Greens in Thuringia, Germany. She have respect for the Greens, of which many 25 years ago had campaigned in the new forum and other East German civil rights movement for freedom, Merkel said on Saturday at the CDU election campaign statements in Apolda. In Thuringia, it could To give a Red Red-Green Alliance under the leadership of the party after the regional elections this Sunday for the first time. Prerequisite is that the Greens in the Parliament of the move – and willing together with the SPD to form a Government as a junior partner of the left, whose leading candidate Bodo Ramelow. Nationwide, it would be the first time that the traditionally strong in the East left party will nominate a Prime Minister.   So far the Social Democrats in Thuringia in a grand coalition under Prime Minister Christine Lieberknecht (CDU) rule. The SPD has not set himself deliberately on a coalition statement. The Greens, who have to come according to current figures of ZDF to 5.5 per cent and so tremble to the indentation in the Landtag are another uncertainty factor.    In Brandenburg the Social Democrats can choose expected their future coalition partner. So far, Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) ruled in a red red coalition.   After the regional elections, the SPD could enter also a coalition with a pro-reform CDU. But they rejected the Social Democrats in Brandenburg, who have been nearly a quarter-century in Government, aware a coalition statement.    The right-wing conservative alternative for Germany (AfD) should insert – after her success in Saxony two weeks ago – now also in Potsdam and Erfurt in the Landtag. In Thuringia the AfD can count according to current polls about 8 per cent, in Brandenburg even with 9.5 percent. The FDP must, however, is expected to move out of two provincial assemblies. She was sitting then in no East Parliament more and nationwide only in 6 of 16 State parliaments.     Merkel urged citizens on Saturday to go to the election. In her appearance before around 2000 people in Apolda, the constituency of Lieberknecht, the Chancellor also with criticism faced. With placards, demonstrators protested against weapon transports in war zones and the free trade agreement of TTIP. In addition they requested in the Ukraine crisis negotiations with Instead of on sanctions against Russia to put.   .

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In the viewfinder of Bercy, the regulated professions organise the response.

The speech judged also outrageous that outrageous by interested parties. "We, it is not the 35 hours, working 58 hours per week! "How can he treat us Annuitant, i.e. of person who lives not the fruit of his work?», chokes a young dentist, who created 5 jobs in his cabinet and pays"a lot of social contributions and a lot of taxes on income. In addition to this day of action, the Unapl decided to support events organized by profession (bailiffs Monday and notaries Wednesday), to create a campaign on Twitter, but also to take action by lobbying members of Parliament and local elected representatives and, finally, to launch an online petition. Other actions harder, already planned, will be incurred if this first awareness is not enough to change the content of the draft in preparation. They will be announced at the end of the day of September 30. Arnaud Montebourg, relying on a report of the General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) that he had "found encased in triple round" in its safe arriving at the economy, justified its reform by the fact that it would make 6 billion purchasing power to the French. "This figure makes no sense! This is not even a calculation with a ladle, but wheelbarrow!", railed Michel Chassang, surprised that the IGF report, and including its annexes, has not been disclosed. "If the report is kept secret, it is suspect. If it is hidden, it is that there’s a wolf", he says. "It is easier to type on a heterogeneous population that to tackle the real causes of the decline in purchasing power: the rise in unemployment, the increase in costs, the increase in taxes", angry a notary. .

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Ebola: the transfusion of blood of people healed as a new weapon.

Faced with the urgency of the situation in Africa and the lack of treatment against Ebola, the World Health (who) Organization has recently encouraged blood transfusions of people healed the sick, a risky therapeutic approach that could have helped two infected American doctors. Dr. Rick Sacra, 51 years, contaminated in Liberia and recently returned to the United States to be treated at a hospital in Nebraska, is much better, said Thursday his doctors. This remission may be explained according to them by two transfusions of blood plasma from one of his colleagues, Kent Brantly, 33 years, cured of the infection. Latter had himself received in Liberia, before his repatriation to the United States for processing, a transfusion of plasma from a teenager cured Ebola. One of the main members of the care team of Rick Sacra explained that Mr. Brantly had developed antibodies against the virus that might be effective in another. We hope this will boost her immune system, said Dr. Phil Smith at a press conference. This technique called serotherapy is to transfuse to patients of Ebola plasma of healed people. These serotherapies may be used now to who, in countries affected by Ebola, a unanimous conclusion that is almost 200 experts gathered the week last in Geneva. This treatment is used for decades in patients with low or antibodies from exposure to pathogens such as hepatitis A virus and B or rabies, said Jeffrey Klausner, Professor of medicine at the University of California in Los Angeles. These transfusions of antibodies are effective and may come from human blood plasma, or be produced by bio-engineering, he says. I see no reason that would preclude resort to the serotherapy to treat Ebola, judge Meanwhile Noël Tordo, a virologist at the Pasteur Institute in Paris serum may be derived from human blood or serum from vaccinated animals, he added. In the case of rabies, these Sera neutralize the virus but for Ebola is not yet safe, notes the scientist. -Not always well-tolerated – for Professor François Bricaire, former head of service of infectious and tropical diseases of the Hospital of la Pitié Salpêtrière, recourse to the convalescent sera is a good therapeutic element in the absence of other effective treatment. It notes, however, that this therapy is not always well tolerated and should be accompanied by monitoring. Preferably, it should be applied at the onset of the first symptoms. But according to Professor Bricaire, upgrading to? work of the serotherapy in Africa is complicated due to the conditions of hospitalization very precarious in the three most affected countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. In addition, full epidemic, the primary concern is not to check the quality of serum collected which is essential to avoid that it is contaminated by HIV, AIDS, hepatitis or other infectious agents, he says. Dr. Eric Leroy, a specialist of emerging viral diseases and patron of the international Centre of medical research at Franceville in Gabon, also considers the security of the collected blood serum is going to be difficult to manage in the field. He cited the need for many analyses of laboratory for contamination. In addition, the use of these Sera requires important as logistics among other a the cold chain for their storage and transport. Dr. Leroy notes, finally, that the serotherapy is potentially effective (,.) but that further studies are still needed. The outbreak of Ebola, the most serious since the appearance of the virus in 1976, has already made more than 2. 400 dead on 4. 784 cases since the beginning of the year based on the last balance of who to September 12. .

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The Formula 1 at away from Beijing, Dicaprio team manager.

We have, after many ads tomorrow really takes off the famous ePrix, Formula one desired power with force by Jean Todt, President of the Automotive World Federation. Tomorrow will turn on the engines (but, given current) to the Formula and, of all the same cars (a Spark-Renault SRT01E by the power equivalent of 243 HP, all with the same tires) at Beijing Olympic Park with qualifications and races concentrated in a single day. Twenty pilots engaged on the circuit of 3. 44 km winding path in the evocative setting of the Olympic Park between the Water Cube and the Bird’s Nest Arena stadium. Among the ideas there is a really crazy: the engine’s power output will be reduced to race at 202. 5 horses, then fans will choose three riders that will be granted greater power, up to 243 horses. The selection will take place during the race thanks to smartphones, tablets and computers on http://fanboost. fiaformulae. com. Two women in the race, our Michela Cerruti and Katherine Legge plus British names known in the automotive world as Jarno Trulli, Nick Heidfeld, Takuma Sato, Bruno Senna and Karun Chandhok. We are just starting out and it is too early to make judgments, but from what we understand the Formula and threatens to overshadow even the Formula 1 from the point of view of glamour: Leonardo Di Caprio co-owner of one of the 10 teams, will be a track in Beijing, while on the run in cities like Miami, Buenos Aires, London, Berlin and Monte Carlo. The Formula and is an important step in the history of motor racing and in the development of new technologies, says the President of the Fia, Jean Todt who said: The world is changing and we have to keep pace. The connection between daily mobility and racing is very important. I think electric cars are the future of urban mobility and that is why we started these races in big cities. Great expectations, as we said, for David Cerruti (is milanese), star of the Auto GP and Blancpain GT Series but does not hide the difficulties: Having started late with our program-he explains-we will be definitely a while back. I am aware that I do not go to China to point directly to the top-5 though, being the first race of the season, there can always be surprises, and the lion will be reliability. I don’t have many miles on the car ground due to technical reasons, but the team was able to gather a lot of data with Jarno and, although I don’t 100% confidence, I know the machine, its features and know how va Wizard. The newest thing is adapting to real citizens circuits since my only previous experience was in Marrakech. However, the series is excellent and has a huge impact. It’s meant well, has a world-class organization and if you play well their chances there is the opportunity to make it a great success. All activities for the Beijing E-Prix will be held Sunday, September 13, and the race is scheduled for the 16:00 local time (the Italian 10:00) on a circuit from 3. 4 kilometres set up around the Bird’s Nest, the main stadium of the Beijing Olympics 2008. .

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Naples, emergency weather: flooded streets to Vomero and Fuorigrotta.

Several calls to the Fire Department for flooding. Serious inconvenience for electrical equipment failures that occurred as a result of the storm, which left many houses without light Neapolitan seat. According to the weather forecast weather conditions would mention not to any improvement: planned for today more thunderstorms. All the boot has been hit hard by the wave of bad weather that persists for days on the peninsula. The incessant rains have caused landslides, evacuations across Italy. In some areas the emergency has had dramatic results: in Gargano, Puglia, Italy, some people were victim of floods that have on product damage. The area hardest hit by the storms appears to be even between Peschici and Vieste. Still in Puglia, a downpour hit the last extensive areas of Salento. While in Cupertino, a violent tornado has caused the collapse of illuminations decorated for ritual celebrations of St. Joseph, patron of the city.  Burst out of the water, where 65 ancheRoma were the speeches made by firefighters and Civil protection in the areas of Prima Porta, Infernetto Ostia where the road and went into a tailspin because of flooding and road where many homes have endured heavy leakage due to rain pounding lasted for several hours. During the day yesterday in the capital were mobilised teams of volunteers and 22 5 Civil protection to carry out control operations and homeland security. Emergency crews have worked extensively to obstructions of the manholes and sewer Combi units have lent assistance to residents of neighborhoods in trouble. .

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Bersani against Renzi Secretary of the Democratic Party.

Renzi says he has not thought even for a nanosecond to step back from the Secretariat. I never asked Renzi to step down from the post of Secretary, even if I didn’t I would have thought a moment to do that step back ,, Pierluigi Bersani said in conversation with reporters in ocean liner. Do not speak of unitary management if there is first a discussion on what is the party at this time. Pierluigi Bersani said in response to journalists ‘ questions on the possible enlargement of the Secretariat of the party to the minority dem. A unified management can begin only if there is a joint reflection on the theme party, i.e. on how to organize themselves at a time when it is in the Government, said Bersani. From Rome must listen to the views of the party in Emilia-Romagna and you decide. We must decide together, Bologna and Rome. Pierluigi Bersani said, talking with reporters in the transatlantic investigation that involved two candidates in the primaries. On Bonaccini I have nothing to say, Bersani said responding to who asked him if the exponent Pd were to take a step back in the light of the investigation: It is coming to create a complicated situation, but the problems are always addressed by focusing on the collective. There is a community called Pd and if we manage to enhance there stops most anyone. .

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Islamic State: ten Arab States participate in fighting against IS.

US Secretary of State John Kerry has gained more allies to fight of the United States against the terrorist militia Islamic State on his trip in Saudi Arabia. In addition to the Kingdom of nine more Arab States have agreed, to proceed against the terrorist threat together with the administration of Barack Obama, it said in a statement at the end of Kerry’s deliberations with colleagues from the region in the Saudi Jeddah. The participating countries had agreed to take their share in the overall fight against IS. Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, of Iraq, Jordan and the Lebanon belong therefore to the other countries of the coalition. At the talks, Turkey also sat at the table with. She wants to participate against the IS but only within the framework of humanitarian actions the fight. On Wednesday, Obama had presented its strategy against extremists. He announced that the air strikes would be extended to IS positions by the Iraq on Syria. In the fight against IS, he campaigned for a broad, international coalition. A total of nearly 40 Nations have now pledged their support. Britain wants to exclude, to participate in air strikes in Syria, Germany has pledged arms and advertises for a political strategy, in which also the United Nations would have to be included. In Syria the troops of leaders of Bashar al-Assad and several rebel groups have been fighting for more than three years. The civil war has encouraged the rise of the radical Sunni fighters. The group applies now as well networked and supporters Around the world. The Federal Government is now planning a ban of IS in Germany. .

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The revival of investments is crucial to promoting economic recovery in Europe. He said the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, opening the Eurofi financial forum’s work in Milan. For the disappointing performance of the EU economy, Visco said, at the heart of the problem is the weakness of aggregate demand, in particular investment. Raise investments (public and private, national and European) is crucial to start shooting. In Italy the fall worse-since the beginning of the global crisis, said Visco, euro area investment, both public and private, have plummeted mainly of 20% in real terms (in 2007-13), rather than in the European Union. In Italy the fall was even worse, more than 25% for public investment and more than 30% for private ones. The goal today-according to the Governor of Bank of Italy-is making the economic environment more favourable to investment. In addition to structural reforms specific to each country, which is of crucial importance, require investment favourable financial conditions. The Italian Presidency of the EU has put this at the top of his agenda. The priority 4-to support investment-Visco-explained and improve access to credit, there are four priorities: reducing the cost of capital, raise the securitisationi, develop funding sources of capital markets, investing in infrastructure. In addition, concluded the Governor, together with structural reforms that are specific to each country, a broader economic policy is required to accelerate the strengthening of tangible and intangible infrastructure, essential for the success of a genuine single market. With low inflation more difficult remediation costs-repairs of public accounts is more difficult in a context of low inflation or deflation. He said the Governor of the Bank of Italy, Ignazio Visco, opening the Eurofi financial forum’s work in Milan. The medium-term inflationary expectations, said Visco-have decreased considerably. With declining inflation, or even negative, consolidating public and private debt is more difficult. Is paramount-added the Governor-dismiss the risk that too long a period of low inflation will lead to an end to a misalignment of expectations of medium-term inflation. If necessary, further measures may be taken by monetary policy. Monetary policy alone cannot revive the growth In Eurozone growth prospects remain weak and the weakness of the economy is no longer limited to Countries under stress, said Visco. The disappointing economic performance in the European Union-stressed-goes far beyond previous experiences. A substantial strengthening of European recovery-said the Governor-who goes in the direction of a definitive exit from the crisis, cannot be achieved by isolated actions by individual economic policy authority. In particular, monetary policy alone cannot raise growth and ensure financial stability in the euro area if the underlying problems of the crisis will not be solved at both national and European level. .

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Economists stars in comics.

The purpose: the ninth art, comics, found new heroes: economists. About 40 of them, from Adam Smith to Paul Krugman, Marx, Hayek and Keynes, are chewed so playful (with good words), friendly (even if one feels NET preferences of the signatories to this book) and teaching (that is the goal). Very disrespectful, but always fun, the two authors are the portrait of Becker "human capital mafia", or Stiglitz ‘melenchoniste of the World Bank. These pages and these boards teem with findings and anecdotes. Interest: despite a few small inaccuracies, this artwork is textbooks. This book makes smile, but, with specific developments, a useful glossary and synthetic analyses, it is especially interested in economics and political economy. The art of the formula and taste for controversy animate the boxes and paragraphs, giving relief and taste to a substance known to be ‘sad science ‘. In any case economists, often loud personality, have, in general, nothing mournful. .

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