Trying to get a selfie with the gun, but the part a shot and dies.

Otero Oscar Aguilar, a 21 year old Mexican died tragically for a game ended badly. The boy decided to be a selfie with the gun pointed at his head, but no had downloaded the weapon so he has accidentally shot party that reached him in the head causing death.   The tragic incident occurred in the area of Cuautepec de Madero, on the far eastern edge of Mexico City. How to tell local newspapers, Oscar was spending an evening together with two of his friends and under the influence of alcohol has decided to take this strange photos and then publish it on facebook. The game, however, ended badly because the gun was charged and without secure. Immediately after the shot the two friends have alerted the rescue but they are served at very little. The 21 year old, in fact, died shortly after his transport to the hospital. After investigators questioned for a long time two friends of the young who have reconstructed the events, are now investigating to ascertain the exact dynamics of the accident. Investigators are trying to figure out why the youth had a gun charge. The weapon, a 45 caliber in the Mexican armed forces, when it was seized for the exams. The body of the young man was transferred to the Institute of Forensic Sciences for an autopsy. . For extra information on this matter read website.

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Ztl permit scam from 2,000 fake. In the Office of Deputy Commander & # 8203; everyone knew Brigade.

the turnover handled by Claudio Coppola, former Deputy Commander of the 2nd Municipal group specializing in procuring permits Ztl irregular, was not gone unnoticed: everyone knew that the alert was a parallel activity, working hours, pocketing money in Exchange for help to speed up paperwork. Also because Chang had used every way to advertise: distributed business cards, used word of mouth. And the Agency for mobility of Roma Capitale, where it was formally the scam, was considered by the House. In many suspected but lacked the evidence to fit it. The first breakthrough in the investigation that now threatens to drag to the vigilant and 60 process between entrepreneurs and traders who have taken advantage of its service and, depending on the positions, are charged with forgery and corruption, arrived 3 years ago. The acts of investigation of pm Laura Condemi there a police statement that contains the report that led to the opening of the dossier. the 9 June 2011, when a source that investigators describe as confidential and reliable reports that Coppola has 10 years of consulting activities for the acquisition by third parties of permissions for access and parking at the Center, unlawful compensation sensing. C pi PORTFOLIO: the traffic policeman, over the years, he amassed a portfolio of 2000 customers, continues the source, and would play the activity service hours. When you consider that the former Deputy Commander, per favor, they did pay by 50 to 200 euro, you understand that the turnover was potentially quantifiable in digits to five zeros. The investigation triggered in a Flash: the judicial police hears summary information to the Director of the Agency for mobility. We all know Coppola, a senior officer says the official-knows all the staff, especially the attendant at the counter of the audience, which consisted of young boys and then swayed by a person that is a function of thickness. Deals with permits, has divided. On 14 June, investigators acquire learned practices between January 1, 2011 and 3 June of the same year. I am 164, and are all concerning the issue of pass Ztl. Documentation seem correct, but jumps to an anomaly: as evidence to get the badges, so applicant appear the names of some companies located in the city centre, 4 garages, a local couple and a few guests. Car owners would have issued statements of presence of some vehicles, while the bar and hotel managers have claimed to have as customers and vendors who have obtained a pass between the gates. LOCAL garages and garage, registers for, it appears that many automobiles accompanied by pass and associated would never crowded garage for parking. A keeper is about knowing the traffic policeman Was often asked: If there were customers who needed the card for the Center and left me his business card. Investigators make the point of the situation: Coppola has established a network of contacts and complicit to expand its activities. The owner of a car park, currently under investigation for false along with his partner, says that the policeman asked him to keep him from some parking for transitional and occasional stops. The use of stands of courtesy. A similar thing happened with local managers and hotels: from the documentation annexed to the demands, it appears that the beneficiaries of the pass carried out work performance in favor of companies based in the city centre. In fact, found that many of those contracts had never existed. A contractor declares: With Coppola had a confidential report, when she needed my company stamp I, naively, I wrote down on white sheets. In this way, the alert will provide papers addressed needed to produce the statements. . Similar text can be found clicking website.

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The two deaths of general Prim.

But this was the real reason?, sea of Mar Robledo and Ioannis Koutsourais say in his book the deaths of Prim (Ed T bar flowers) septicaemia was not the reason for the death. The official version is that the cause of the death of general Prim is an infection n some of the injuries presented by the body, which are lesions that no hab been operated. Two d as after s of the attack, involved the best surgeon of Espa to and extracted him any of the projectiles. Body no evidence of that has been practiced no intervention no surgical rgica n, is sea wing of the sea Robledo. An analysis of the mummy of the tico pol, who became Hospital Sant Joan de Reus, with m all as TAC, radiology a and endoscopy allowed to discover a wound on the back of which just is sat to nothing. We perceive a lesi n at the top left we identified initially as an exit from that great lesi n ten hole in the shoulder. Analyzed in depth once we realized that the official version was not viable because her clothes the general at the time of the attack not ten blood, no room to any brand of blood, therefore not be hab to produced that way. It was then when associate it with a n lesi by a melee weapon that had to be produced later, i.e. once it reaches your home, notes the expert. There are also doubts about whether is dialled or not an autopsy. The process involves opening of cavities, and the current body fails them. In the autopsy report is be wing that resorts to the certain to observe both internal injuries are like muscle etc. In fact, describes a lesi n is in the left elbow that does not exist. To see that lesi n can be in two ways. Directly, i.e., opening and watching or as we have done by Radiology to conventional, but we saw that the body has not been autopsiado, that there is an official autopsy report signed by a number of authors featuring some injuries that are not compatible with the m report doctor of the few, as that’s why we rule out any official information gathered so far, indicates the forensic Robledo. . For additional information regarding this matter click

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The almost silent tribute from Holland to Jaurès, a century after his death.

François Hollande issued Thursday a solemn but almost silent tribute to Jean Jaurès, a century to the day after the death of this iconic figure of socialism, the same scene of his murder, former Crescent Cafe, in the heart of the capital. French president arrived shortly after 9:00 on the premises, there was joined by the German Vice-Chancellor and social democratic Minister of the economy, Sigmar Gabriel. Both were then deposited wreaths in front of the hotel, renamed the tavern of the Crescent, at 146 rue Montmartre in the 2nd arrondissement, framed by Republican Guards in large uniform. Asked what message he learned from Jean Jaurès, François Holland answered in a few words: peace and unity, the rally of the Republic. François Hollande and Sigmar Gabriel is are then sitting a few minutes inside the cafe, the same place where this great figure of socialism was murdered. Jaurès fell under the balls of a french fanatic nationalist, to three days of the declaration of war by the Germany to France, a conflict that the Socialist Tribune feared more than anything and that he had tried in vain to prevent. At the arrival of François Holland rue Montmartre, some applause were there among the onlookers gathered on the sidewalk opposite behind a row of barriers. French president then delivered to a quick bath of crowd, lending itself to the game autographs and photos. Unlike many of his recent travels in the province, marked in recent months by concerts of boos, no whistle is sounded this time, president receiving messages of encouragement dyed however warnings. We know that it is hard, sometimes we are not happy but it knows that this is not the cake, he launched a woman, stringing together: it is fine, go, go!I’m glad to have come to see myself, Mr. Hollande, but attention anyway, warned another. One is careful, replied the president. New applause marked the departure of the two leaders, french and German, while meant thanks François. Bright Jaurès, bright Holland, long live the social!, claimed another. . Extended info can be read reading

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South Africa: the slum is not apartheid Museum.

Eight years after its opening, one of the most beautiful museums in South Africa dedicated to the fight against apartheid was abandoned. Because residents don’t want this home to the dead when themselves have no roof. The Red Location Museum in Port Elizabeth (South) has very discreetly closed in October, while the inhabitants of the neighbouring slum threatened to attack customers as long as them has not been constructed with decent housing. It is now vandalized and stripped, brick by brick. We live in shacks that are flooded whenever it rains. However, the municipality spends millions of RAND to build a Museum, gets carried away Thembisile Klaas, representing the residents. We have raised the issue since the beginning in 2005 when they started to build this museum. (. . . ) We are opposed to this Museum since the beginning!, he added to AFP, accusing local authorities of having forgotten their promises of housing. Why build a House for the dead when we, the living, have no roof over our heads?Tourist guides and websites still boast the museum situated in a township North of Port Elizabeth. A must-see, for example encourages le Petit Futé, which describes a treasure of national memory and a post-modern setting of all the pain. Opened in 2006, the Museum was supposed to fit into the townships where it was built, and hence is part the armed struggle of the ANC against the segregationist regime of apartheid in 1961. He traced their history and their fight against white power, told through twelve boxes of memory addressing the life of local heroes, the jazz, the emergence of the unions activities sports,. UI ‘ is a ghost!-as other museums opened since the advent of democracy in South Africa, the Red Location Museum was particularly taken by teachers who are taking their students by the busload. This building was very lively, and we saw many foreign tourists here. But now it is a ghost!, sorry is a keeper. The large building resembling a plant is the target of looters that strip it methodically bricks, electrical equipment, light bulbs, pipes, gutters, etc. Vigils keep theoretically the Museum 24 hours a day, but they are regularly threatened by armed men, and their supervision is entirely relative. It’s worse and worse. The fence was cut in several places, and there is no illumination. Even the manholes outside were looted, tells the guardian on condition of anonymity. It’s dangerous, you don’t know when you will be attacked, since it’s dark!Visibly not fearing the forces of order, the representatives of the inhabitants of the slum made understand that the Red Location Museum will remain closed as long as the municipality does tackle really not the problem of housing. To which the first Deputy Chippa Ngcolomba replied that the town occupies. We are still studying the situation to find a long-term solution, he notes soberly, without specifying when he is going to be able to reopen the Museum. Collections are for the moment still intact, reflected conservative du Preez Chris: we have the chance, because thieves have yet to put their hands on documents, folders and important and precious objects which are stored or exposed to the Interior. They steal things that are part of the structure of the building. But the content of the Museum could soon disappear in the nature it also if very stringent security measures are not quickly put in place, concerned. . Root data can be read checking the following link.

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NATO is not prepared to counter a possible attack from Russia (report).

The risk that the Russia attack a NATO member country is not high, but do not neglect. We are not certain that NATO is ready to cope with such a threat, say the authors of the report. According to them, the tactics employed by the Russia evolves very quickly and includes today’s cyber attacks, an informational war, support for the insurgents and illegal participation of representatives of the structures of Russia to the events in the East of the Ukraine.   German media reported Wednesday that the federal Government was opposed to a permanent deployment of NATO in Eastern Europe and that he still believed in the partnership with Moscow. It was indicated that this position exacerbated the schism within the Alliance on the eve of the planned NATO Summit early in September. Since the beginning of the crisis, the Poland and the Baltic countries insist on the strengthening of the presence of forces of NATO in Eastern Europe.     . For more information about this subject click web site.

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Cash test dummy: more money for all!

Interfere in the ArtikelVermögensaufteilung or the devil in the Sch,. it went to the question of whether labour can make alone rich ultimately. Also, the yawning gap between compensation and income from investment and entrepreneurship was demonstrated. Currently the Bundesbankdieser debate and also European Central Bank (ECB) has adopted. The Bundesbank doing something that I thought not possible at this institution thus again, calling for higher wages. Earlier, the possible emergence of a wage-price spiral for the Bundesbank was pretty much the worst thing could give it a reserve or a country. The times have changed. Yes, the price development,. Here, in the euro-zone central bankers fear more, but deflation now no inflation. In Germany prices compared to the previous month increased only even by 0.3 percent in July according to the first estimate and year compared to plus 0.8 percent, which is a 4-year low. In Spain the prices now around 0.3 percent fell in July year on year, the most significant decline in almost five years. "Today is the labour market in Germany in considerably better shape than in past years. In a number of sectors and regions, we have virtually full employment, and messages about labor shortages are piling up", Walker insists. "Therefore it is in the nature of things and is also to be welcomed that the wages rise more than to the days in which the German economy in much worse shape was." TO WELCOME! [If that speaks the Bundesbank, I still can't believe almost always there,.] . Similar data can be found visiting site.

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Samsung: results in strong decline in the second quarter against the Chinese competition.

Samsung announced Thursday a sharp decline of its profits in the second quarter despite the growth of the Smartphone market in emerging countries, which benefit primarily the Chinese producers. Net earnings for the period April-June spring 6. 250 billion won (4.5 billion euros), fell by 19.5% compared to the corresponding quarter of 2013. It’s his worst result for two years. Operating income stood at 7. 190 billion won, down 24.6% over one year for a turnover down by 8.9%, to 52. 350 billion won. The second quarter was affected by several factors, including the slow growth of the global market for smartphones and the rise in marketing spending to reduce stocks, said Samsung Electronics in its interim report. The world’s number one mobile phones has also suffered from unfavourable changes due to the high cost of the South Korean won against the dollar, at its highest for six years against the greenback. Samsung estimated at 500 billion won the impact the level of the won on its quarterly results. Several recent studies have shown that Samsung, but also Apple, lost market share in tablets and smartphones as a result of increased competition from Chinese producers flooding the emerging low-end phones. -Fabulous fall – according to estimates published Tuesday by the IDC research firm, 295.3 million smartphones have been sold between early April and late June. Samsung sold 74.3 million smartphones, more than double its American competitor Apple, which has sold in the same period 35.1 million iPhone, according to IDC. But the South Korean market share fell to 25.2% vs. 32.3% a year earlier and 30.2% in the first quarter despite exit mid-May its new model featured Galaxy S5 and the widest range of devices from all manufacturers. IDC calculations are reflected in the results announced by Samsung with a turnover of its mobile division – about 55% of its total revenues – down 20% over the period to 28. 450 billion won for an operating profit down nearly 30%. And growth prospects remain uncertain in the context of increased global competition, says Samsung. The second half of the fiscal year 2014 will remain difficult, according to him. To resist Chinese manufacturers, Samsung has little choice but to reduce its selling prices and offer new smartphones less than $ 200, say analysts. A week ago, Apple posted contrasting results but which confirm the good form of the iPhone in particular thanks to its sales in China driven by the recent partnership of the American with the China Mobile telecoms operator, the largest operator world. Samsung and Apple are preparing now for the Fabulous Fall (fabulous fall) with launches expected from the new Galaxy Note for the first, and the iPhone 6 for the second. The new version of the iPhone should be unveiled in September with a screen size larger than that of the iPhone 5, a segment dominated so far by Samsung. Agenda Samsung Electronics lost 3.3 per cent at midday Thursday at the Seoul Bourse. . For extra insights about this matter visit

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Bombing of Hiroshima: the Navigator of the Enola Gay is dead.

Theodore Van Kirk had seen a Flash 43 seconds after the dropping of the bomb of more than 4. 500 kilos. The shock wave arrived after shaking the plane: the crew members did not know if Boeing B – 29 Superfortress would resist, or explode. "The aircraft made a bond and then a sound of crumpled metal", told Van Kirk in the New York Times on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the bombing. "We we returned to see the cloud and where was the city of Hiroshima. "The entire city was covered with smoke, dust and dirt. It resembled a cauldron of black and boiling tar. You could see some fires on the outskirts of the city", he said. Van Kirk has apparently always been convinced: this devastating bomb was an evil necessary to put an end to the second world war, which otherwise would have cost even more lives. He even recalled felt "a sense of relief" at that time. The second bomb was dropped three days later on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945, where 70. 000 people were killed. On 15 August, the Japan capitulated. ‘It was not to go there and drop (the bomb) on the city and kill people’, has another by the Time weekly in 2005. "It was to destroy military targets in the city of Hiroshima – the most important being the headquarters of the army responsible for the defense of the Japan invasion. It would be destroyed,"stressed van Kirk. In an interview with the AP agency that year, recalls the British newspaper The Guardian, Van Kirk felt that his experience proved that war and atomic bombs solved nothing. "But if anyone has one, I want to have one more than my enemy," he added. He left the army in 1946, before resuming his studies and to work for the DuPont Chemical Group. For years, he spoke very little of his mission: as indicated in The Guardian, his own son Tom Van Kirk has learned that a decade that his father was part of the crew of the Enola Gay, «reading old press clippings in her grandmother’s attic. . Related info can be read visiting article.

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Movies, Salvatores Pietro Bianchi award.

ROME, 30 JUL–A Gabriele Salvatores this year Pietro Bianchi award of Italian film Journalists. It is the recognition of a career dedicated to the cinema with a passion for innovation, consistency, intellectual curiosity, as the SNGCI announced today, sending to Salvatores a wish double on the day of his birthday. The prize will be delivered to the Director, on the occasion of Italy in a day-A day Italian-born movie from video sent by Italians, ben 632 for over 2200 hours. ” An emotional diary and a census of the emotions ‘ ‘ as first called Gabriele Salvatores that nato has made a film based on the model of the realized project in the world only by Ridley Scott (was produced in Italy by Rai Cinema and Indian Production in association with Scott Free, with the assistance of MiBACT, in association with BNL-BNP Paribas Group) but above all with the precious collaboration of the Italian authors of 44. 197 video sent. Italy in a day is a social movie is made with passion, respect and a sense of responsibility, without sacrificing the need to look and to his personal point of view on reality, as they warn the ‘ operating instructions ‘ waiting for the presentation in Venice. . Related text can be inspected visiting hyperlink.

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